I Finally Get It

I’m the type of person that believes someone comes into your life for a reason.

So I always wondered why he was put into my life.

To make me feel feelings?

To make me understand heartbreak?

To simply have feelings then let them be crushed?

All these questions seemed… unfinished.

Like it wasn’t the whole point.

Then I finally understood,

when watching a TV show for that matter.

You see two “enemies” were fighting and there was another person who stated that the enemies needed each other to “complete each other.” The fact that the enemies are competing against each other is the reason why they work harder. To have one enemy beat the other.

That’s when I finally realized it.

He came into my life to teach me something about myself.

That I was more, I am more than a simple girl living life.

There’s so much more to life.

There’s heartbreak, there’s sadness, there’s jealousy, there’s falling for someone, there’s confusion, there’s hope, there’s love, there’s lying, there’s anger, there’s happiness, there’s Strength.

I have been through so many experiences where I needed to be strong. But he is one of the main reason why I am as strong as I am.

He was put in my life to make me strong.

Before today I thought maybe it would’ve been easier to go back in time and somehow never meet him.

But now I don’t want that at all.

Because then who would I be today?

Would I still be strong?

Would I fall for a lot of guys without morals?

Would I look at life in a new perspective?

Would I be strong?

I know that he’s not the only reason that I’m strong. But he’s the first reason why I needed to be strong and it’s the first time I realized I needed to be strong.

Not only for me, but I needed to be strong for my family, for my friends, for God.

I needed to be who I am.

I don’t know how others see life.

But I know that sometimes it’s like I’m looking into binoculars. But they aren’t ordinary binoculars. They’re high tech. They’ve very developed. They’re from like 2027. These binoculars can see through a person’s personality.

And I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

So yes.

I believe that he came into my life to prove my strength and my resolve.

And I wouldn’t give that up for anything.

Just remember this.

You can’t have ease without hardship.

You can’t have faith without struggle.

You can’t feel happiness without sadness.

You don’t know strength until you’ve met weakness.


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