There are so many ways to express your emotions. One of my favorites is writing.

I love writing.

It provides another outlet to speak my mind.

It allows me to say what I’m feeling.

I don’t have to bottle my emotions when I’m writing.

I can type so many words, create so many sentences.

I can share it with the world or I can just write for myself.

I can directly write my emotions or put it in a song.

I can turn it into a poem or use thousands of metaphors.

I like having a place where I can write because it’s like I have this platform of memories. I can go back to them whenever I want to and I never forget what I was feeling on a certain day.

Whenever I’m feeling down or something I always ask myself how I’m going to write my feelings down and put it into words. Because no matter how down I’m feeling, writing it down always makes me feel better.

I don’t really know if I would call myself a “writer.”

I always imagined a writer was sophisticated and they knew what they were doing.

They had a cup of coffee with tons of inspiration and a pile of papers in the trash.

Maybe I am a writer. I really like writing.

I like putting my thoughts down on paper or online.

I like forming words to create ideas.

I didn’t know I would have such an intense passion for writing as I do today.

I love writing

You can create an imaginary story, or write about your passion.

Writing can offer inspiration whether it’s for someone or from someone.

It’s almost unbelievable how grand ideas can be and how they’re turned into words.

I mean movies and books all started from an idea that turned into words.

Writing is really inspirational.

It’s a whole other world for me.

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