I’m Sorry?

What does “Sorry” actually mean?

I mean looking at it, it actually looks like a really weird word.


It means forgiveness.

It mean repentance.

It means sympathy.

It means that someone did something negative and they want to apologize.

Sorry is the most easiest route to an apology.

You do something bad to someone and your immediate reaction is to say sorry.

You don’t even think about it.

It just comes out.

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

Do you ever wonder how many times that word is used in one day?

Sorry I bumped into you.

Sorry I couldn’t make it to lunch.

Sorry that I told you it was downstairs when it was really upstairs.

Sorry is our most heartfelt apology.

But it’s so quick that along the way it loses its “heartfelt” characteristic.

And it’s just hey, sorry.



Did you actually feel sorry?

I think that when we say sorry we should actually mean it, I mean it shouldn’t just be another throw away phrase. It should still have heartfelt meaning. Because if we don’t mean our sorry when we say it how would we feel when someone else tells us sorry? We would want to believe that they actually meant sorry and it wasn’t just a reflex.

You know that phrase “Actions speak louder than words.”

If you’re sorry, show it.

I remember one day I bumped into a girl at school because I wasn’t looking where I was going. I knocked into her food tray and her juice fell down on her tray. I said sorry, but I didn’t just walk away from her. I felt so bad and I picked up her juice and repeatedly said I’m sorry. Thank goodness because she was so nice about it. She was like laughing and kept saying it was ok and she smiled. In that moment I actually felt like I acted out the word sorry.

So this is my advice to you.

If you’re sorry show it to that person. Do something special for that person and show that you really are sorry. It goes a long way. Sorry shouldn’t be a shortcut, it should be the whole trail.

        «Music Friday»

I’ve been listening to Kelsea Ballerini’s album “The First Time” this whole week and it’s so good. It’s so amazing because she wrote all of her songs on the album, with the help of other songwriters and that’s just so inspiring. I recommend you listen to the album by streaming it on Spotify. This song is one of my many favorites that are on the album:


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