War with Darkness

I’m in a war with darkness.

It pulls me in.

It comes from behind with a sneak attack.

I’m not invincible.

I don’t have a shield.

It’s just me fighting on my own.

Sometimes I have an army,

sometimes it feels like I’m just alone.


Trying to overcome.

But it’s a persistent battle.

I think I win,

but I’m always mistaken.

It always come back.

Ready to take me to its’ side.

To succumb.

But I don’t want to.

But it’s so hard not to.

It’s temptation, it’s addiction.

I don’t want to feel pain.

But what do you do if that’s the only thing you see?

Or feel?

Darkness is ruthless.

It always wants to fight me.

I try and I try.

But I’m trying,

trust me when I tell you I’m trying.

I succeed.

I fail.

I may not be invincible,

but I am a warrior.

And I don’t back down.

I will win this fight.

I know that every time I fall down I’ll rise up again.

Darkness, you can fight me for the rest of my life,

but in the end I will always win.


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