a Flower

Each day I progress.

Each day I grow.

I’m older than the person I was yesterday.

I grow like a flower in Spring.

I come out of my shell, I bloom.

Once I do I get more and more comfortable.

I start to see the beauty in myself.

I start to grow more and more.

My petals may fall sometimes but I still stay whole.

I stay blooming.

And some days I might change,

but it makes me the person that I was meant to be.

I blossom.

I mature.

I’m never the same person that I was yesterday.

And no one around me is the same as me.

I might grow faster, I might grow slower.

But I grow.

I get there.

Some are not lucky enough to get there.

Some are gone with the wind before they even get their chance.

But I have hope.

I have faith.

I’m going to live for the ones that are gone.

Other people might see beauty,

even when I don’t understand.

It gets lonely sometimes,

but I’m growing on my own.

Some days others are there, and I’m grateful.

Other days I’m by myself.

And I might not know it, but I’m growing.

I’m grateful.

I’m like a flower in Spring.

I thrive,

I might fall, but I prosper.


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