Life: Why the Pain?

So just as I thought life was going pretty good…

I get hurt.


I was just minding my business in 1st period and I got up to do something and as I sat back down I felt a pain my knee.

I thought maybe it was a reflex pain for sitting too fast or something.

But 10 hours later and I’m thinking maybe it isn’t a reflex pain. Well, one hour after it happened I think it wasn’t a reflex pain. 10 hours later I’m overthinking my situation.

I just hope that it isn’t too serious, like crutches serious. I mean how could sitting down lead to crutches? That would be ridiculous.. right? Here I am overthinking.

Well as of now I can’t bend my knee… AT ALL. I can barely climb up and down the stairs. I have to walk warily. I even had to sit down on the floor slowly and weirdly. You never really notice how much you use one of your limbs until you fracture it. I feel so old, oh my gosh writing I’m so old made me actually feel old.

I wonder if there’s someone out there who’s reading this like “Please, that’s a regular Sunday for me.”

Lol, I’m not so much mad about it as I am confused.

I mean I do nothing athletic. I can’t even be described as athletic, I hate sports, you will never catch me running. Everyone that knows me knows that I despise running with a passion.

I mean I’ve had sprains for running and lifting weights. I’ve had neck pain for sleeping the wrong way.

But seriously, how do I get pain from sitting down?

The coincidental thing about this was that after 1st period guess what I had? My dance P.E… just my luck right? And being the “do it through the pain” shy person I am, I endured the class. It was okay but when I had to bend my knee it was absolutely extremely h.o.r.r.i.b.l.e. You might think you know why didn’t I just tell my teacher? It’s kind of the person I am. I mean having to watch the class doing stuff while I’m sitting in the corner really gives me anxiety. And telling my teacher that my knee hurts seemed I don’t know… I just didn’t really want to tell her. But since I’m here writing this story in past tense that means I made it through! So yay!

But I did tell my parents and I’m going to the doctor on Monday.

So hopefully this knee pain is nothing. I’m not really mad about it, I think that maybe since life went to well for me it tried to bring me down, but it did not succeed.

In the meantime, I’ll be over here overthinking about it until I go to the doctor.

I hope that, to whoever is reading this, your day is/was good, better than my surprise knee pain.


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