Spring Post

So some of you might not know this, but I don’t have a favorite season. I think that they’re all beautiful and they all have something special to give humans. There’s been a Fall Post and a Winter Post so that means…. drum roll please… It’s time for a Spring Post! I know this might seem late but I wanted to do this post when the Cherry Blossom tree in my front yard bloomed, and as you can see in the header picture it has bloomed and it’s so beautiful. I literally kept track of the progression of it which you will see later in the pictures I post! So what is Spring?

Spring means that it’s finally going to start getting warm again (but over here it gets sporadically cold). But it’s warm enough for flowers to start forming. Seeing the buds of flowers form just puts a smile on my face. You can literally see and admire the progression of a flower. You can literally go for a car ride and see flowers everywhere you go. From growing on trees to bundles of them on the ground. This is the time when my phone starts filling with pictures, because combining my passion of photography with my passion of nature is just trouble to my phone storage.

Flowers are so beautiful. There are so many to choose from I mean there are tulips, the sophisticated flowers. Roses, the romantic flowers. Lilies, the innocent flowers. Cherry Blossoms, the flowers that just remind me of home. Literally when I walk out of my room ad stare out of my living room window I see the big Cherry Blossom tree outside and just stare in beauty and awe. There are so many other beautiful flowers.

It starts raining a lot in April but you know the old saying “April showers bring May flowers.” Rain is needed for the flowers to grow so I don’t mind it. Plus rain is complete serenity when you’re falling asleep. Rain also means we can’t run on the track for P.E., as an asthmatic I think that’s a major plus.

Spring means you can finally let your legs breathe again. No more tights or extra layers, or marshmallow coats. Actually your whole body can breathe again. No more suffocating yet warm bundles of clothes.

The bees. I mean bees don’t really do any harm to you. But my best friend is so scared of bees and it’s just really funny seeing her be afraid of them and I’m trying to calm her down saying they don’t want to sting her. This is like a repeated cycle since when we were kids. It’s a regular part of my spring.

You know it doesn’t matter that all the flowers will -dare I say it- die at the end of Spring. Because you know that they were there and they did their job for the year. You were there to cherish it and they’ll always come back and bring you joy the next year.

So what you need to do is go outside and go admire the flowers. Wherever you are. Go to an outdoor flower festival or go to a park. Because if you haven’t even noticed the flowers yet you really need to see how beautiful they are before they’re gone. My dad would always take our family to a flower festival and it was just so beautiful. Please, I insist you go to one. You’ll forget about all your worries and your stress.

Forget about your responsibilities and spring into the season.

Spring Quote: “Spring will come, and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer.” -Anita Krizzan

Spring Flower: Cherry Blossoms

Spring Song:

Spring Gallery:


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