Dead Silence

Dead silence.

Nothing but a palpitating heartbeat.

A heartbeat that belongs to me.

Everyone waiting to hear my words.

Time running out.

“You can do it Rebecca.”

Can I?

All I feel is nervous. Nervousness.

The only thing that’s getting me through this is that it’ll be over soon.


I start.

I try not to speak in my nervous voice.

I try to act calm.

I just get it over  with.

I read my answers.

I know that there are so many pairs of eyes staring at me.

I just try to get it over with.

30 seconds and I’m done.

The next person begins to read.

I can still feel my heartbeat. I can still hear it.

Loud and clear.

I can still feel eyes on me.

Dead silence.

Reserved just for me and my anxiety.


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