thank you little things.

Dear Stars,

Thank you for shining in the night.

With you, I have a little bit more hope and I’m content when I fall asleep.

You make the night sky shine brighter.

Dear Rain,

Thank you for falling down so abundantly.

With you, you give my favorite things life and you give me comfort in the night when I fall asleep.

You make windows look beautiful while you leave your mark.

Dear Flowers,

Thank you for growing slowly and surely.

With you, I have a smile on my face and hundreds of picture on my phone.

You bloom with such growth despite the fact that some might not even acknowledge or cherish you.

Dear Sky,

Thank you for showcasing your inner beauty.

With you, I just stare in awe.

You literally have so many colors on your pallete.

Dear Rainbow,

Thank you for always keeping your promise.

With you, we have the motivation to reach further.

You remind everyone that the storm is over.

Dear Clouds,

Thank you for always floating.

With you, we hold the imagination of a little kid.

You are always by our side.

Dear Moon and Sun,

Thank you for being one of the first things we see when we look in the sky.

With you, we know we all need to take turns.

You’re both so close but can’t be together, you sacrificed that for us.

Dear Animal Inhabitants,

Thank you for being so lovely to us.

With you, we can have a best friend who will never leave. Or we can just have you to admire.

You survive til you can’t anymore, we’re trying to live like you.

Dear Trees,

Thank you for growing beyond our reach.

With you, we all have a place to seek serenity.

You are always there either with leaves or bare.

Dear God,

Thank you for making all of this.

With You, I am aware and thankful of everything you have given us.

You are always there to remind us of the beautiful things.

Happy Earth Day ♥

Always remember to admire and protect the little things that you might not always acknowledge, even I forget to acknowledge them sometimes.

It wouldn’t be Earth without them.

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