I Miss You

Missing someone is never easy.

I’m never ready for that moment of goodbye.

I don’t think anyone is.

If you were able to know when you would have to say goodbye, you could rehearse your goodbye one hundred times.

But I still don’t think I would be ready.

Missing someone is like reading a book. You’re so into the story. You’re on chapter 27 and when you turn the page from 245 to 246 suddenly the pages go blank. There’s no more writing. The story is unfinished.

Whenever you miss someone it feels like you never had enough time with them. You didn’t get to finish your story with them.

But you can never go back and fix it.

Because you’re missing them for a reason.

Missing someone who’s dead is one thing but missing someone who’s alive hurts just as bad.

Because you can’t fix either situation.

Both haunt you.

You might get closure after someone’s death but there’ll still be things that could take you back to that time.

And you’ll always miss them.

When they’re alive you just watch them live their lives without you.

And it’s hell.

You thought that maybe your relationship would’ve lasted longer.

But it didn’t.

Have you ever been through both at the same time?

I have.

A long time ago.

I actually believed that the person I missed would be there for me when another person I loved so much died.

But they didn’t care.

They just lived their life.

And I was living mine,

Missing someone who wasn’t there anymore and missing someone who was there.

Yeah, I miss you too.

If only you meant it that one time.


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