Movie Withdrawal

I’m suffering from movie withdrawal.

Might not be a thing and it might be a thing.

Either way, I believe it’s a thing.

Have you ever watched a really good movie and after watching it you want to see more. No. You need to see more.

You need to know what happens after the happy ending (if there was a happy ending)? And you want to see life after the movie? Or you want a sequel?

But there is no sequel.

So it’s left to your imagination.

But your imagination doesn’t do justice to the real thing.

And then there are those times where there might be a sequel.

But they replaced all the characters and they just put 2 after the title.

I hate that.

I didn’t just fall in love with the movie because of the plot. I fell in love with the characters and the actors/actresses playing them.

Movie withdrawal is the worst ever.

So the movie I watched today was an old movie that I saw in my childhood. It’s an old Bollywood movie and it just sort of brought me closer to my culture.

I love the movie so much it’s like one of the many Bollywood movies that I remember watching when I was a kid sitting in my parents’ room while my mom was laying on the bed watching it with me.

Watching it over again today just brought back my love for it when I was a kid. I remember it was the first movie I saw that had this huge cliff-hanger. And it’s a romantic movie and it had the cliche running through the airport thing. But it was so bittersweet and it was the first airport scene I’ve watched so it wasn’t really cliche for me back then.

I loved watching this movie, even though it was in a different language (thank goodness for subtitles). The music in the movie was just so beautiful and every scene was so well thought out. Also even though it was a romance movie, it had a bunch of humor in it so that was really a nice add-in. So it wasn’t too cheesy but it was like the right amount…

So now you see my problem?

I’m having a movie withdrawal.

I kind of want the DVD of this movie but I have a feeling like I’m just going to ruin the disc rewinding and replaying and rewinding.

And the movie had a really cute ending and I just want to see the life after the movie. I mean how was it like after the happy ending?

I think that’s why watching a TV series might be better, because it’s continuous. But watching a series takes a lot of work. You have to wait for new episodes and you have to wait for a happy ending.

I guess shows and movies each have their pros and cons.

But I don’t think anything entertainment- related is worse than a movie withdrawal.

Have you guys ever had one?


2 thoughts on “Movie Withdrawal

  1. Kate says:

    YES. Movie withdrawal is a thing. If it’s not, we should make it a thing! Silver Linings Playbook always made me feel like this. I know they wrapped the story up nicely but I’m just like, “NO! What happens after?” It frustrates me and also makes me feel all fluttery inside.

    Liked by 1 person

    • As of right now: It’s an official thing. Lol exactly. Especially the movies with the good endings, I want to know what happens next! But the only thing we can do is rewatch the movie over and over again and leave it to our imagination. Movie withdrawl is complete torture!

      Liked by 1 person

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