8 Year-Old Angel

So yesterday was “Bring your child to work” day. I didn’t go with my dad to work, I just went to school.

I was kind of having an ok day, it wasn’t good, it wasn’t bad.

Lunch came around and I was extremely hungry.

I walk to the table my 2 friends and I always sit at.

But neither of them were there, it was just a guy who usually sits at our table.

He’s really nice but I’m in no way a social person, conversations with people I barely know start out really really awkward.

I mean once I’m comfortable with someone I can talk to them about a lot.

But with a “stranger” it’s like, “So it’s really cold today.”

So lunch was going to be a gruesome 45 minutes trying to keep a steady conversation.

I got up to go to the lunch line to buy my food.

When I finally get it, I see another person at the table and I was like thank goodness, he’ll have someone to talk to.

Sometimes I feel sorry for this guy, I mean he says hi to a lot of people that pass by our table, but none of them seem willing enough to sit with him. But it would’ve been ok if he had someone to talk to and I didn’t.

But this other someone at our table wasn’t a high-schooler.

Her feet barely touched the ground.

It was a little girl.

I was really confused.

She was here for bring you child to work day.

Now before I go into the important part of this story there’s one thing you should know.

I am not good with kids.

I don’t hate them.

I’m just not good with them. I don’t know what to say to them. I don’t know how to start a conversation with them.

(This is all ironic considering every summer I volunteer at my church, teaching kids how to make crafts.)

Now that you know that fact you can imagine what I did when I sat down.


I just went on my phone, eating my food.

I wanted to say something to the little girl but I didn’t know what. Plus it was kind of awkward with the guy because he wasn’t saying anything to the girl either.

Then the guy asked me how biology was going for me.

I talked to him and we had a small conversation.

Then maybe 10 or 15 minutes passed by and the little girl started playing with the papers she had. She started making quiet sounds with her mouth. That was when I finally asked her,

“Are you bored?”

She nodded.

The first step. I actually communicated with a child, I mean no this isn’t my first time talking to a child but for some reason I felt like after I asked her that I could communicate with her.

I asked her how old she was.


If she liked being here.

To my surprise, she said yes. Imagine seeing a little girl in a room full of 1500+ students. You would think she would feel out of place and maybe a little scared.

What grade she was in.


Then the guy, (if you’re wondering yes I know “the guy’s” name, I just don’t feel justified to give his name) he asked if she likes to color.

She said yes. Then she showed us her papers, there were 4 coloring book pages. She told me   that the designs on them were very pretty and I agreed.

Then another silence.

Then she took the paper and started folding it, making it into something.

A paper airplane.

I don’t really remember what lead to this, I think maybe she flew the plane and it bumped into me, we started flying the airplane back and forth between us.

It was so fun.

Like to actually see her smile because I was willing to keep flying that plane to her, gosh that smile just brought my whole day out of the ashes.

She had so much energy, whenever the plane would fall on the floor she would say “I got it!” even if it was right by my foot.

Then she said that she wished she had a crumpled up paper ball because that would be easier to catch.

She opened the paper and looked at the coloring page. She thought that that certain design on the paper looked ugly.

I laughed she showed me the page, I  looked and said that it looked really pretty.

But she stuck by her opinion of it and she immediately crumpled up the page. I was surprised at the sudden action and laughed.

Then we threw a crumpled up paper ball to each other.

Through the many throws, I once threw it at a high point and she smiled when she caught it, because she couldn’t think that she could.

Then I formed a kind of basketball hoop with my hands for her to throw the paper ball into the circle formation of my hands.

She missed sometimes but who cares about that, she was still so energetic and happy.

The times she made it she was so joyful.

She told me she liked to play basketball.

I asked her if she was going to try out for basketball one day ans she said yes.

Then it was time for lunch to end.

She said bye.

I realized that I never asked her what her name was.

But either way it was like she was my Angel.

She saved me from my day of self-guilt and made it 100 times brighter.

Angel, maybe that’s what I’ll remember her as.

Thank you, Angel.

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