Character Death

Today I’m not going to talk about my life.

I’m going to talk about someone else’s life.

Or a fictional life, to be specific.

Have you ever fallen in love with a fictional character?

I don’t mean like true love.

But it’s like they’re your best friend.

They saved you, they taught you more in life than anyone else.

They had this big impact on your life and that’s why they’re your favorite.

Have you ever had that feeling?

I have.

If you knew me you would know that I watch a lot of TV. So I have a lot of favorite fictional characters.

They bring me a lot of happiness just being on the screen, but that comes with a price.

The price being, the writers can kill them off whenever they want.

I mean I won’t bash on writers, like I know how to write a tv show.

But really?

Did you really have to let them die?

Did you really have to bring me pain?

This might sound weird for some of you.

I mean the character isn’t even real.

But you don’t even know.

A fictional character can teach you so much, so much about what it’s like living life.

They can be able to give you so much hope and happiness.

To think that a group of people are able to write someone that could change my life.

But then they’re taken away.

Their legacy gets ripped away.

It hurts.

It really does.

I’ve watched 2 of my favorite fictional characters die.

Both from different shows.

Different TV networks.

Yet, both of their deaths were less than a month apart from each other.

Both of these shows are known for “bringing people back from the dead.”

I still have this feeling that they’re both going to come back.

But it’s a long shot.

I didn’t ask for this when I started watching the show.

Again, this post might be really weird for you to read.

You might be like, but it’s a TV show?

They’re fictional characters?

Living in a world like this, it’s nice to imagine that you’re in another world for a while.

You grow close to the people of that world.

You meet strong people who are resilient and brave and courageous and everything you’ve ever wanted to be.

I guess that’s why it’s so hard believing that they’re gone.


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