To the Fallen

What is a hero?

A hero, to me, is anyone that takes selfless risks to save others.

Just like those who served this country.

The United States of America.

Today, red, white, and blue are the colors that scream out to the soldiers who died protecting citizens.

Making sure we were safe.

I don’t understand why some people choose the jobs and professions that they have. One job that I definitely do not understand is this one, “Why would you want to be a soldier?”

It’s like an one-way pass to horrible, horrible things.

Maybe I don’t understand it because I don’t have enough strength as them.

Soldiers really are selfless, strong, courageous, and


I could never do what they do.

They’re true heroes.

Today, we remember the one who died for the country.

They died saving a number of people.

Thank you so much.

This isn’t just a free day off of school.

It’s a day of remembrance.

For all that you did.

This world might not be the best place, but because of what you did you made it a little bit better.

From many others and myself,

Thank you.

∞Stay Strong∞



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