This World of Hate


We all know what it means.

We’ve all experienced it or seen it.

My first question is Why?

Why is there hate in this world? Why is there hate at all?

Why can’t we just love each other. If we don’t love each other, we can just ignore the people we dislike.

But why do people have to showcase their hate with such nasty actions?

Calling each other names.

Demeaning each other.

Making other feel inferior and insecure.

Fighting each other.

Criticizing each other.


For what reason?

People don’t get anything out of hating, so why do we do it?

Does it achieve anything? No.

Does it make us a better person? Hell no.

Should it be an ordinary thing in the world that continues for centuries? Absolutely not.

I hate hate.

I don’t understand why humans can’t just love each other.

I mean I don’t love or even like everyone.

I used to hate this girl in my school because she was everything that I wanted to be. She was pretty. She was social. She was happy. She was outgoing. It seemed like her life was perfect. Yet she was a total jerk to me, but everyone seemed to love her.

I hated her.

I thought of my hate everyday, like I had a single flame that kept growing and growing until I realized that I was literally burning.

I realized I was focusing all my attention on hating this one person. Why? I could’ve survived just ignoring her.

It’s funny that when we hate someone, all we pretty much do is hate them.

It’s like we love them in a sense, because we’re so focused on them and thinking about them, but in the worst way possible.

Hating is unnecessary.

Literally, mentally, and realistically unnecessary.

If you hate someone, just ignore them.

Because if you can’t  like or love them, there’s nothing you need to do but ignore them.

They don’t need to consume your thoughts.

They don’t need to fuel or ignite anger.


If someone is annoying or mean just ignore them.

Do Not hate them.

Don’t say anything to them about your hate.

Don’t pretend that you’re in a higher position than them, because you are not.

We’re all humans.

We all are living our lives and going through our own piece of hell.

There’s no need for an extra person to point out the insecurities that you have or the insecurities that you never knew you had.

Just ignore them.

That’s the best thing that you can do for yourself.

Mentally, it’ll help you get over your hate so you can focus on yourself.

Physically, it’ll help you focus on more healthy activities.

Emotionally, it’ll free you from a cage of hate and anger.

I can live without hating anyone.

I’m sure you can too.

Try to focus on the people that love you, and the more people you meet, the less you have time to focus on the people you don’t love.

If only this world wasn’t so full of hate, imagine what life would be like.

∞Stay Strong∞



5 thoughts on “This World of Hate

  1. THAT. WAS. AMAZING! Seriously, that was so powerful; it made me think about my own hate and who I HATE. Because yes, just ignoring them is so much better. It makes EVERYONE happer.

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  2. There are some that believe…that there are beings or entities (beyond the veil of our perception) that feed off negative emotion. Known as Archons, they also go by other names. Kind of like ‘Monsters Inc.’ where they bottle the chlidren’s screams and thereby power the city…this explains the hate quite satisfactorily for me. But I like sci-fi quite a bit so my imagination is always looking for tasty food…

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