School Rant: Is My Sanity Still There?

By reading this you understand that I am going to go on a rant about my school life. This is my caution message to you, if you want to read about my stressed out life, here it is. If you don’t, I really do understand because I wouldn’t want to read it myself, it scares me. It scares me that I have so much to do and I haven’t lost my mind yet.  Because I am on the brink of crazy or sad or mad. I don’t even know what I’m on the brink of. I don’t even know how I’ve kept my sanity. This post is mainly for me so I don’t lose my sanity, I really need to type out everything.

So I’m guessing if you’re reading this you stayed? Well get ready, because I am about to go on a full on rant.

There are 3 weeks left in school.

1 week is final exam week.

So there are technically 2 weeks of work left.

I thought things were going to be slightly easier.


In Government my teacher told us to complete about 5 worksheets. One of them is that we have to draw a community with buildings and stuff. You would think that sounds easy, but no, it isn’t. With everything else on my plate drawing is the last thing that I want to do. Plus,  on the internet, there are 8 activities that talk about finance and budget that we have to do. They are the longest things ever. There are about 20 questions in each activity, and after each activity there’s a video and interactive questions. I mean it’s not hard, but it’s excessive.

In Biology we have an end of the year project. Need I go on? There are 3 parts in the project. My class and I are currently on the second part. But guess what? Our teacher wasn’t here today. And for part 2 we were supposed to put everything on a poster. We only typed it out on the computer and now I’m not sure whether I need to get my own poster paper or… because it’s due next class. Also, part 3 is a group part. Well my anxiety has not received any kind of break during these last weeks.

In P.E. Dance, you would think dance isn’t that bad? I thought that too when I signed up… I should really stop assuming, but without it I would worry. So there really is no win win situation in that. Our final project is that my group and I (5 people including me) have to make a 3 minute dance based on a theme. My group chose a 90s theme. Ok, so my P.E. teacher has always never given us enough time to make a dance. She would always spend the remainder of the class doing warm-ups and stretches then give us 10 minutes to work on our dance, I’m not even kidding. But this time it was kind of our, my group and I’s, fault. So we chose a song. We had about a minute of the song. Our group consisted of 2 seniors, and seniors leave early. So they needed at least a minute to pass. Then the class after the seniors left, there was only 3 of us. And my group wanted to change the song. Change. The. Song. I wasn’t mad because I didn’t really like the first song either, I actually don’t really know. I haven’t had time to think about the song. Surprisingly, we already have 1 minute of the new song. Which shocks me because the first song took about 5 classes for us to figure out 1 minute. But we need 3 minutes. And next class, which is tomorrow, is rehearsals. Which is when we show the teacher our full song and our costume. And then next week we present to the whole class. Yikes.

Ok, here’s a class that isn’t so bad, health. All I have to do is a vocabulary packet. But the problem is that I don’t have the time for it. Physically, mentally, emotionally. I really don’t. I need to finish everything else.

In Geometry, nothing is really bad, actually nothing is bad. Goodness, I hope that I didn’t just jinx it.

In Spanish, I’m going to scream. My oral exams are tomorrow, and I’m fully prepared but I’m just scared that I’m going to lose all my words. That’s probably what’s going to happen. Then, our unit exam is Tuesday and I don’t know what any of the words mean. I have to create flash cards and there are about 60 different words that I need to study. Which I don’t have time for. Also, I know that I’m going to fail the final exam. Because there are literally 7 different conjugations (which is different variations of a verb like flying, flew, fly, flied) and I suck at conjugations.

Finally, in English. We had a research paper. Had. I finished it yesterday, turned it in today. I should be jumping for joy. I finished  it yet it’s still haunting me. It still has this effect on me. I’m worrying if I did good or not, and I’m also recovering from everything else. I thought that when I finished my research paper, everything would ease up. But everything eased… down? Nothing is eased. Everything is un-eased. I’m not even speaking English anymore. We also finished our class book. What does that mean? A test. A test. MY teacher also gave us a grammar packet to finish. She said it was due the last day of class. But, with everything else the due dates don’t affect me. I just have an urge to do my work early.

Well there it is.

My life.

The weekend starts tomorrow, tomorrow’s Friday.

Yet, I’m not happy.

Because it’s the weekend,  but for me it’s just a workend.

I have to finish all the stuff stated above in 2 to 3 days.

2 to 3 days.


Next week is literally kind of my last week of school. But how do I have so much left to do?

Did all of my teachers band together to just make my life miserable?

It’s ridiculous, but I’m starting to believe it.

The problem isn’t me not understanding it.

It’s that I don’t have time.

No one would have the time to do it.

Realistically speaking.

I might’ve sounded excessive in this post, sorry it isn’t me talking about something passionate or worldly issues or giving advice.

But I really needed to type this out to contain my sanity.

Because honestly I’m literally about to lose my sanity.

How many times have I said sanity?

But really, if you read this thank you. If you have any music or quotes or motivation that you could give me would be really really truly appreciated. Because this weekend I’m just really scared that I’m going to lose it.

To whoever might be listening thank you, please pray that my dark eye circles won’t be as noticeable as they are now.

∞Stay Strong∞


7 thoughts on “School Rant: Is My Sanity Still There?

  1. itsjustjodie says:

    My motivation song when I feel like I can’t do anything tends to be ‘I Want Everything’ by Hope 7 it’s cheesy and so 2000s pop but it’s. Puts me in the best mood. It’s such a girl power song and it literally brightens my day up!
    I’d give it a listen. Another thing I do is I have a whole playlist on Spotify of songs that make me happy. It’s called Pick Me Up Playlist, it’s the best idea if your feeling down or stressed out.
    Hope this helps! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I’ll listen to it after school. Literally, the only thimg that’s keeping me sane are my spotify playlists. Spotify is literally the best thing ever. Thank you for the song suggestion! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ll just say . . . that’s heavy load and I can see how frustrating that is right now. It sucks trying to figure out how to organize everything you have to do in the least stressful way (it doesn’t even seem possible sometimes lol!). I had final exams about two weeks ago. But I know that feeling of being so overwhelmed very well. I had to drop a lot of classes this semester for that very reason: being overwhelmed just lead my mental health astray and I couldn’t focus or be present or in reality really. Somehow I made it through the remaining classes. And I think that’s important to remember when going through all of that: it’s hard and it sucks but it seems we always find a way to make it through. I know you can do it! Good luck on everything 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I can tell you’re seriously stressed right now. What I suggest is to just take one thing at a time: try your best to put the English thing out of your mind. With Spanish, you know all of your words, so concentrate on them but don’t be scared of not forgetting, because you won’t. All of the other things, they’ll take a long time, but you can do it. I know you can, even though you might believe you can’t. You still have time.

    Liked by 1 person

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