No Worries?

Hi everyone,

I know I’ve been gone for a couple of days. In my last post you can see me complaining and worrying about my school life, and that’s why I was gone.

I was trying to get a hold of my sanity, and I needed to plan and figure out everything. I tried to take everything step by step.

I’m glad to say that from this point on I have no worries about school.


Did I really just say that?

Yes I did.

I took a break from all my social stuff and focused on work, and it really helped me organize everything.


I just did my dance for P.E. It was supposed to be 3 minutes, but it was only 2. But in a 4 class preparation, I think that’s pretty good. As long as I get a C and pass I’m ok. So please hope and pray that I pass P.E. Wow I never thought I would ever say that sentence.

I just wanted to pop in for a few seconds and update everything. I really, really missed blogging.

Now all I have left are exams and terminado! (I have a Spanish final)

Ok so to whoever might be struggling and worrying and anxious about the end of school, I’ve been there. I literally thought I would be stuck in this week forever. But YOU CAN MAKE IT THROUGH. This might be late to some people, since school is already over for some of you.

But take this as a reminder for the future. Whenever it feels like everything is piling up… Just breathe.

Buy a pair of headphones or earphones.

Immerse yourself with music.

And finish you work.

Remember to eat and sleep.

Because believe me, everything CAN BE DONE. There is time.

All you have to do is breathe and take everything step by step.

∞Stay Strong∞


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