Goodbye, Sophomore

I’m officially done with Sophomore Year!!!!

It’s been a long, long ride; it almost felt like summer was never going to come.

I can’t believe I made it through.

I had so many worries.

I used to worry back in March when my P.E. teacher wanted to go to the track to run every other class period.

I worried when I had to write a research paper that gave me multiple headaches.

I worried when I had to present my short story in my English class.

I worried when my teacher marked me absent for her class.

I worried when… Ok I think you understand the point. I worried a lot.

Can you blame me? There was a lot to worry about.

But I made it through.

God helped me.

My friends helped me.

Writing helped me.

You guys helped me.

Music helped me.

And I made it through!

I remember the first day of Sophomore Year. I was so scared because hardly any of my friends were in any of my classes.

And when I did see some of my friends that I made Freshmen Year, they started ignoring me. I lost so many friendships this year because I didn’t know the difference between friend and fake friend. But, I did make  some new friends this year. I’m not sure if they’re “Forever friends,” I mean how would you know, for sure, if someone is going to be a forever friend? All in all, I’m content with the friends I’ve made this year.

To the ones who aren’t my friends anymore, maybe they weren’t a big character in the development of my story.

There have been good things that happened this year…

I wrote my first short story and the process of writing the story was actually really, really fun. That’s the moment I realized that I loved writing, and it’s one of my passions.

I met someone who likes Fifth Harmony just as much as I do, which is amazing.

I found a group club where I feel accepted and I’m not afraid to speak up.

I found out more about myself, one thing that I learned is that I like planning out what I’m going to do one day and the next. I think finding that out has made me a healthier person and has made me worry a tad bit less.

I mean take this example of my perspective, and how much it’s changed between my first day and my last day: On the first day, I was completely afraid of my government teacher. Because she was one of those teachers that seemed like they got a kick out of humiliating children. But on the last day, she was actually a realistic teacher. She was really funny, and she taught me a lot about life and she’s one of the influential teachers that I’ll definitely remember in 10 years.

This year was crazy. It was a roller coaster. I found out so much about myself in a simple school year. So much. But I’ll never take any of it back. Even though most of it seemed like it was hell, it helped me in the long run.

I’m really nervous to move on and become a Junior. 11th grade. Just yesterday, it felt like my friends and I were gushing about becoming middle schoolers and now here comes 11th grade. I’m scared. I’m scared to grow up.

I want to grow up, but I’m scared to.

This summer, I’m going to take the test for my Driver’s Permit. And I’m scared.

What if I don’t pass? What if I’m not a good driver?

I guess it’ll all fall into place when the day comes.

And just like sophomore year I’ll take everything step by step.

I’ll just breathe.

Hopefully, I’m on the right path to my destined future.

But really, I’m thankful that I have a few weeks to get in some sleep that I have been craving for since August. It’s finally summer!

«Music Friday»

I love this song right now. The concept of time has always stirred in my brain. This song talks about wanting to go back to your past to erase its’ mistakes and I think that’s an ordinary feeling that most of us have. And with the nagging of your past, you can’t really live in the present. But overall, you can forgive your past so you can be able to live in the present and strive for your future.

∞Stay Strong∞


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