Are Adults Always Right?

Growing up I thought all adults were saints.

I thought that they did everything right and they always knew what they were doing.

I mean I’m not saying that they don’t know what they’re doing, I’m just starting to see that all their actions aren’t “righteous.”

Adults really aren’t saints.

They have flaws.

They make mistakes.

They have enemies.

They sometimes tell lies.

I mean not everything that they do is perfect.

I started to see adults for who they were instead of who their careers were or what their relations were to me.

I thought that every time an adult yelled at me or told me that I was doing something wrong I was actually doing something wrong (Unless it’s your teacher or your parents).

And I became bruised because of an adult’s perception of me.

I don’t dislike adults. I think that they’re very smart and some adults shape us for who we have to become.

But adults aren’t saints.

And not everything they say is right.

So if an adult ever belittles you or makes you believe something that’s not true, you don’t have to believe them because they might seem “higher in power” over you.

Adults are humans, like you and me. They’re just older.

But just because someone is older doesn’t mean they have the power to make you feel bad about yourself. OR just because they’re older doesn’t mean their justifications are always right.

But that doesn’t mean that you can just mouth off to an adult because of their opinion. Even if their opinion is ridiculous and unjust. Don’t mouth off, but stand firm in your opinion. Be intellectual, that’s the only way they’re going to listen to you. You have to give facts and make sure your arguments make sense.

Then again, adults have been through more than us. Their opinion on something might be right. Even if you try to give your opinion, your views could still be seen as wrong. And that’s ok. We’re not always going to be right. That’s why adults are there for us, they’re there to help us learn more about life and experience. Experience we might not yet have met.

But growing up, I’ve heard some rude things from adults. In my extended family, other families just like to talk about one family badly. Which doesn’t make sense because we’re all family, we should all love each other. But once, I was in a car full of adults and they were talking about someone (in their language, which they think I don’t understand, but I do) and I just heard them talk badly about this one family member that I see as a friend. And I really wanted to say something, I wanted to defend my opinion… But what was I going to say? I was in a car full of adults, what was a 15 year-old (at the time) going to say?

This has been like a repeated story in my life.

A group of adults talk badly about something or someone.

And I’m so passionate about the subject, and I want to say something. But my mouth can’t find the words. Because everything an adult says is seen as right in the world that I live in.

I’ve tried stating my opinion, but unfortunately I’m the person who puts feelings into the mix. Yeah, I start crying. Why? I don’t know. There’s nothing to cry about, but I just do it.

That’s why I want to improve my argument skills. I want to successfully give my opinion, with facts and knowledge. I want to give my opinion on something to an adult without feeling inferior.

Because adults scare me sometimes.

I mean even if you try giving an opinion to an adult they look at you like you just snapped at your teacher.

No matter what you argue, I feel like an adult will have the upper hand. No matter your opinion, they can go back to their “group of adults” and laugh about the little girl who thought “the wrong way.”

Again, I’m not trying to convince you to hate adults.

I don’t hate adults.

You shouldn’t hate adults.

But they’re not always right.

That’s the big point.

If they have an opinion, that’s their opinion.

It is not a fact.

Adults may be right about some things, but they’re not right about everything.



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7 thoughts on “Are Adults Always Right?

  1. Yeah, you’re exactly right. I always get scared that adults will just shoot my opinion down, BECAUSE I’m a child to them. It’s like I can’t say anything, because I’m not worth it in their eyes. Hopefully, we can change that 🙂 Amazing post!

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  2. One dolt or a whole box of them doesn’t really change matters. Some adults are wise and some are ignorant. Some children are wise and some are ignorant. Adults have been through more things than most children have, and this does count for something. Nobody ever really wins arguments, seeing as perception is only that, just perception. It is subjective. Even what we label as “objective” is still seen and judged through our personal subjective lens.

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