eyes: They are deadly

Your eyes:

They said the words you could never say to me.

They listened to the words I could never tell you.

They seemed interested in me.

They reflected all of your emotions.

They looked at the person I was and not the person everyone else saw.

They looked for me.

They always spotted me.

They found me, when I was lost.

They played with me.

They challenged me.

They were kind.

They stared at me like I was special.

They stared at my eyes so easily.

They told me a story I never heard from your lips.

They never pushed too far.

They always noticed me in a crowded room.

They gave me comfort when I felt alone.

They always remember me , no matter what you did, no matter how much you changed.


They also looked right through me once, and that’s something that I’ll never forget.

Now all I feel is violated.

They make me feel shy now.

They aren’t so kind anymore.

They bring up so much history.

They make me remember things I’ve been forced to forget.

They bring back these feelings, feelings that I’ve worked so hard to erase.

They are my weak point.

They could belong to a stranger by the way they look at me now.

They challenge me, but this time in a bad way.

They have probably seen other eyes that give all the feelings that I described above to others.

They have nothing left to say to me.

They don’t tell me the truth.

They are too busy looking at someone else.

They barely see me.

They are filled with nothing when I look into them.

They don’t care anymore.

They don’t notice me anymore.

They don’t need to see my eyes anymore.

They don’t look for me anymore.

They intimidate me.

And I’m scared now.

I have to stay cautious, because if I ever get lost in your eyes again…

I would be lost forever.



3 thoughts on “eyes: They are deadly

  1. The eyes are the windows to the soul right? It is hard to look into another’s eyes for a long period of time. They are mesmerizing. You might just start falling and never stop. This is why we glance away after a short period of time…

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