best friends.

To my three best friends,

thank you.

Thank you for the happiness.

My face always hurts whenever I’m with you guys,

because I laugh too much and smile too big.

I can come to you guys to talk about anything.

Without being judged.

You all also give the best advice.

I can be who I want to be.

You guys know me better than anyone else.

You know my history,

but don’t use it against me.

You laugh at all my jokes and make me laugh uncontrollably.

And unlike everyone else, you don’t question why I laugh too much. Because we all laugh so much.

All of our parents know that if we hang out at someone’s house, it’s going to be filled with laughter.

Everyone thought we were the quiet ones, but together we’re so loud that the neighbors complain.

With you guys, it’s like the four of us could conquer the world.

The other day, after eating lunch, we just sat on the couch and talked.

And it was such a nice feeling to just talk.

About the past, and the future.

I could talk with you guys for hours and never get bored.

Thank you for just being there.

I might get mad at you guys sometimes, but I could never stay mad.

You guys are like the sisters I’ve never had.

And I can’t imagine life without one of us in the picture.

I can’t believe it’s actually happening.

I wish one of us didn’t have to leave.

If only you could stay here…

Because without one of use it’s like a missing puzzle piece.

Like an incomplete story.

Like a missing piece of the pie.

I wish that I could believe that we’re all going to stay in touch,

always video chatting and calling and texting and finding ways to hang out.

But those are the same promises we made 2 years ago.

Before high school.

I’m having doubts.

I’m scared that if one of us goes, we’ll all just drift away from each other.

But I’m being pessimistic, thinking like that.

We’ve made it 5 years with this bond.

We’ve been through one lost friend, who turned out to be a jerk.

We’ve been through a major fight that could’ve ended the whole thing, but thankfully a teacher intervened and saved us.

We’ve been through short distance, two of us going to one school, one of us going to another, one of us going to boarding school.

We’ve been through a roller coaster of emotions with certain guys, but we only made it through with the support and help of each other.

So we can make it through this time too, right?

We can make it through.

Without you guys, I honestly don’t know where I would be in life, or honestly, if I would be living.

You saved me.

I love you guys, thank you.



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