Texting in Face-to-Face Scenarios

I hate texting.

I mean I don’t actually hate it.

But compared to calling and video-chatting, texting is just… I don’t know. I don’t even have the right word for texting.

You can’t hear the person. You can’t see them.

I mean I text all the time and I like it. Because you don’t literally have to touch up your face or “be awake” to text someone. I always choose it over calling or video-chatting.

But I don’t really like a certain aspect of texting.

I feel like people hold too much power behind a screen.

This isn’t just true for texting, this is true for anyone with a computer. This is the personification of cyber bullying. It starts with a person behind a screen who has all the power in the world.

Because they’re not seen. They’re behind a screen.

I mean no one who texts me bullies me.

But I think people hold too much power when texting.

They can say whatever they want without feeling guilty.

Sometimes, people are not themselves when texting.

Let’s imagine texting if it was a real, face-to-face conversation.

  • The people who respond with one word messages.
    • If this was a real life conversation and I asked you if you watched the new episode of the show we watch together with a simple “Yes.” I would hurt you. I would literally hurt you. (Ok I wouldn’t, but I will strongly despise you). I mean I’m giving you a conversation starter, and all you’re giving me is a one word answer. Let’s be honest, if you give a one word reply in a face-to-face conversation then that will probably be the last conversation you have with that person.
  • The people who read your message but don’t reply
    • Did I do something to you? Did I say something? In real life, this is like those moments when you say something and no one hears what you say. If you have experienced that you know, for a fact, it sucks. So don’t do it. Please, spare the person’s feelings. At this point a one word reply would be better than no reply.
  • People who “LOL” in every message (GUILTY)
    • Ok so this is totally me, in every conversation I have. It’s like my catch phrase in texting. But imagine this in a face-to-face conversation. That would be really, really weird. Person A: “Hey, did you finish that math problem?” Person B starts laughing hysterically and responds with “Yeah I did.” Person A starts looking at Person B weirdly. This will probably be the last time Person B has a conversation with Person A.
  • People whose replies have no correlation to what you first said
    • Ok, so some of you might not have experienced this. I haven’t experienced this until I started texting this guy for the past few months. If you haven’t ever experienced this, be thankful. Face-to-face this would just be weird and rude. You could ask someone “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?” And the other person replies with “Did you see that band perform last night?” Face-to-face you’re thinking maybe they didn’t hear what you said. But texting, you know that they saw it. Because it’s right there. And I really hate it, because I ask people genuine questions and they respond changing the subject, like I’m barely in the conversation.
  • People who reply super late (G.U.I.L.T.Y.)
    • It’s weird because I’m always late in real life; to school, anniversary parties, etc…, and I’m also late texting someone back. This would also be rude and weird in real life. It would be like when you tell a joke and someone laughs 2 minutes afterwards. They don’t laugh for 2 minutes. They laugh 2 minutes after the joke is said. It could also be when you ask someone a question and they reply 10 seconds later, when you’re already contemplating if they heard you or not.

Ok, so this post wasn’t meant to be so serious, I just wanted to try putting texting situations in face-to-face realities. I actually didn’t mean for the post to turn in this direction, but I kind of like not talking about the serious stuff. I mean I love talking about the serious stuff. But it’s fun taking the weight off your shoulders sometimes and typing something fun and weird.

But, there was a purpose for this post and I do have some advice for you guys.

Don’t be mean when you’re texting.

Be you.

Be the you that you would be face-to-face.

Don’t be the person that everyone loves talking to, but hates texting to.

All you have to be is you, why did they give you their number in the first place? To talk to you.

Because there’s really no one else you could be.



10 thoughts on “Texting in Face-to-Face Scenarios

  1. Yeah, I do so many of these, including the not replying and replying late. I’m terrible! You’re right – I just need to be me, the same me I am in real life.

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