opposites: Beginning to the End

Love me,

I hate you.

Come to me,

leave me alone.

Hold my hand,

don’t touch me.

Tell me a story,

don’t talk to me.

Comfort me,

I don’t need you.

Find me,

don’t look for me.

Run to me,

don’t take a step further towards me.

Make me happy,

you only make me sad.

Talk to me,

I don’t need to hear your words.

Humor me,

you don’t make me laugh.

Complete me,

I’m fine on my own.

Believe me,

don’t listen to a word I say.

This is what happens when the mind and the heart have opposing views.

This is what happens when you start falling for someone compared to when you start seeing them for who they are, and not who you want them to be.

This is the roller coaster, of the heart and the mind.

This is the view of the mind’s thoughts and the heart’s feelings from the beginning to the end.



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