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What’s today again? Is it Thursday..? Maybe it’s Wednesday? Is it Monday… woah wait. No it’s Friday. That means… my Q & A is happening right… wait when is it happening again? I’m just messing with you. My Q & A is happening right now! Here I go answering all the questions asked of me. Enjoy!

«Music Friday»

  • Treat You Better – Shawn Mendes

It’s also Music Friday and I thought why not put the music in before I answer the questions. That way you can listen to music while you read my answers. Sound good?

« Q & A »

  1. DippedHoney asks: What is your advice on replying back to mean comments?
  • This is a very coincidental question, because I always thought myself what I would do if I ever happened to receive a mean comment. You could either do 2 things. 1. You could reply to them, but not in anger, in understanding. Don’t hate on them. Because in the end you’re just fueling their fire. That’s what’s wrong with this world today. If someone sends something mean to someone else their initial response is respond with the same hate. But you should NOT do that. You should take the high road and be respectful and dare I say it, kind. Tell the person to have a nice day and try to understand why they said the mean things they said. We’re all on this earth to understand each other, not fight and hate each other. Or 2. Don’t reply to them at all. Just ignore them. If you can’t be kind, or if you can’t answer the person because you’re scared, just ignore them. You don’t have any obligation to reply to them.

2. Elm asks #1: Do you attach significance to a certain date, because something might have happened then or you think it’s important?

  • I think I attach significance to a lot of dates. The date that I graduated 8th grade. My birthday. The day I got baptized. Even the day I got my first period, lol. But I’m guessing you mean a random date and something that spontaneously happened on that random day. Well, I think September 13, 2014 is a significant date for me. It was the day my great aunt, my grandma’s sister, dies. I don’t know her death sort of opened my eyes to the world around me. I realized that the world around me wasn’t revolving around me, things were happening whether I was in the picture or not. Life won’t always go the way you want it too. She died of Lupus, and I think that made me worldly aware of things like I am now. I’m aware of people dying, mental disorders, and so many other stuff. I couldn’t run away from the knowledge of being aware because no matter how far you run from the reality of the world, the more it catches up with you.

3. Elm asks #2: What’s the best part about blogging?

  • Oh my gosh, where do I begin? There are so many great things about blogging. Reading everyone’s feedback, meeting new people, and getting recognition for a couple of words I thought up… But I think the best part is that I finally have a voice. I finally have an outlet where I can say all I want and need to say. To finally have that is just so amazing and complete. I don’t have to hold in anything. I don’t have this feeling that I’m bothering my friends telling them these stories of what happened in my day. I feel welcome with my words. I have a place to write. That’s the best part about blogging for me.

4. Elm asks #3: Over the last year, what’s been the most noticeable change in you?

  • Honestly, I’ve found out so many things about myself this past year. I wouldn’t take anything that’s changed about me back. I think about a year ago I was just starting this blog, around May, so I was only two months in. My blog name: hopelesslystrong, is what it is because that’s what I was. I was hopelessly strong. But I wasn’t really strong, I don’t think so. I thought I was strong, but I wasn’t actually. I comprehended my pain, but I wasn’t strong. I was weak. But over the past year, I’ve changed. I’ve become emotionally and mentally strong. I learned to love myself, and not just pretend to love myself, ACTUALLY love myself. I realized I don’t need a boy to tell me I’m worth it. I learned that all the pain I experience is a part of my story, it’s essential. Over the past year, I’ve grown stronger, and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

5. Kate asks #1: What did it feel like when you got the notification of your first ever follower?

  • It was really, really amazing. I’ve said this before, but I actually didn’t know that people could follow you. I just joined the site with the intention of venting my feelings. But one day I just got a notification, and it said someone followed my blog. I was like “Really people can do that. You can follow each other, like on Twitter? Oh my gosh, this is so cool!” It was really exciting that someone followed me, and surprised that someone followed me.

6. Kate asks #2: How about the first comment?

  • It was really exciting, like my first follower. It was so nice getting my first comment. It’s when I realized that there are really, truly nice people here. Who don’t judge you. They give you feedback on your post and they say sweet things. My first comment was just so heart-warming. Being an introvert and having anxiety, it’s weird for me to start conversations. But once I got my first comment, it was like I could come out of my shell a little bit and be the person I wanted to be. I didn’t have to be scared of rejection or mean people. I could just be me here.

7. Squishyandbubbles asks: Which one of your blogs is your favorite and why?

  • Urghhh, I don’t want to say favorites. But I can tell you my favorite category of blogs. I like reading blogs of my age groups, teenage bloggers. Because I feel like I can connect with them more and understand where they’re coming from. Sorry if I didn’t really answer your question, I don’t really have a favorite, every blogger is unique and brings something different that I admire.

8. Thewallandthem asks #1: What do you do when you get these anxiety attacks? What do you tell yourself? Do you try to just forget about it and think about something else?

  • When I get anxiety attacks, I hold my stomach a lot because it feels like I can’t breathe sometimes. I just try to breathe in and out. I fan myself with a piece of paper. I try to find someone I love or try to find a place where I can be by myself to connect my thoughts together and take time away from my anxiety to breathe. I also pray a lot to find a sense of sanity so I don’t break altogether. In my times of anxiety I just tell myself to breathe. Breathing is literally pretty much what I focus on during my anxiety attacks, because it’s most affected when I have it. It also doesn’t help that I have asthma. I just try to keep telling myself to keep a sense of sanity and everything is going to be ok. Ultimately, I can’t forget about it, because anxiety makes me worry. I can’t even try forgetting about it, because I know I’m going to overthink about it. I’m  going to be thinking about the exact moment 5 months later, so there’s no point in forgetting it. Also, my anxiety attacks make me who I am, they make me stronger. In my sense, they help me figure out more about myself and what I like and don’t like. What I can and can’t handle. I don’t like anxiety attacks, but they’ve made me the person I am today.

9. Thewallandthem asks #2: If death is inevitable and the only absolute truth in this world, does anything in this world have meaning?

  • Well, you probably asked the wrong person this question. I’m a Christian, so yeah I believe in different things. I don’t want to push a religion down your throat, but I believe in what I believe. I believe that death isn’t the end for me. I believe in a plan and a purpose. I believe that everything in life has a purpose. I mean you really can’t tell me that we’re doing all of this for nothing. We’re living and we were made for nothing. This world has meaning, that’s why we’re living it. This isn’t just some storybook, it’s us, living. It has meaning. Death might be inevitable, but I think it’s what you did when you were living that makes your life meaningful. It’s the impact you set forward and the impact you had on others. You’re not just a paper bag floating in the wind, you’re an actual person. This world does have meaning, that’s what I believe. We wouldn’t be here if it didn’t have meaning.

10. Gapawa asks: If you had to choose one or the other for the rest of your life, which would it be and why? Choices: logic, or emotion?

Emotion, I would always pick emotion. What would we be with only logic. Would I want to make sense for the rest of my life or would I want to be me? I would always want to be me. I would rather cry like a baby than create a logical argument. I’ve always wanted to create a logical argument, but over emotion… nope. I don’t think I could do it. Emotion makes us human, it makes us who we are. Maybe nobody would take me seriously without logic, but if I’m not being me than that would bother me. I would choose emotion because I would just feel like a shell of nothing without emotions.

That’s all the questions. Thank you so much for everyone who asked me a question, I really, really liked reading them and answering them. 🙂 You guys are unique when it comes to questions. And thank you to anyone who read this and congratulated me for 200 followers, I honestly can’t believe I made it this far. I had so much fun answering this, but maybe it would’ve been more fun if I didn’t type this out in the night with my eyes saying “Sleep” and my stomach saying “Food.” I really need to make a blogging schedule. Anyway, I hope you all have an amazing day and thank you, just thank you for any support. Have a great weekend!



12 thoughts on “Q & A

    • Ohhhhhh, I’m so so sorry I didn’t see it the way you meant it. I actually don’t really know which was my favprite to write. But seeing it that way that’s actually a really good question. Sorry I didn’t answer it in your perception 😛

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  1. Yay! I asked my question because I’ve been numb to emotions for most of my life. I am sort of relearning to allow emotions. Emotions are crazy though, I don’t want to allow too much 😛

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