Scarred for Life.

Guys, the creepiest thing happened today.

So I didn’t intend to write a post today, because I would be too busy.

But I just can’t get the chain of events that have happened today out of my head.

So I was at my church volunteering tonight helping to decorate the church for a special event.

It was me and 2 of my other friends.

We were working, putting up this poster on the wall, and we needed tape.

So we went in this room asking people. Then one of my friends tells me that there was this boy who was looking at the three of us and he winked. I thought she was just seeing things, because why would a guy randomly wink.

So we go back to work. We were working in this open area, on the main floor, and there’s this balcony railing so the people upstairs can see the people in the opening area on the main floor. I don’t know if that made any sense, but the big idea is that the people above can see the people below. We were working and the guy that my friend said winked at us was up there. He was just looking at us for a good 2 minutes. None of us knew this guy, and he just kept coming back and looking.

Then one of the pastors said we should have a tall person helping us. And guess who the pastor brought. The guy.

Guys, it was C.R.E.E.P.Y. He kept making this weird slurping noise. This continued for 10 minutes. Then he was literally, directly behind me, directly, and I heard him laugh.

Then it was time to eat and my friends and I were standing around this table. Then he walks up behind me and snickers with a smirk and says “Did I scare you?” And I said “No.” Keep in mind that I don’t know this guy. At all. And I’m not sure whether he meant if he scared me the whole time we were working together. Or scared me sneaking up on me. Then after I said no, he just looks. At. Me.

I have this thing with eyes. I think eye contact should be really special it should be about you and another connecting on another level. But his eye contact just made me feel violated. It was scary the way he was looking at me. It looked like he was going to do something to me, it looked like he was going to hurt me.

He stares at me for ten seconds, then makes that slurping noise with his mouth and leaves.

I’ve never been more emotionally freaked out in my whole life.

I know this post isn’t like my regular posts. But I just needed to vent this in my safe place because my friends think it was kind of funny. I mean they gave me hugs and they were supportive. But, one of my friends texted me “Did I scare you” and is trying to imitate the guy. It’s kind of like they’re half there for me and half haha this is so funny.

I mean it wasn’t this big thing, he didn’t pull out a weapon or anything. But I just feel, as a women, violated. I don’t know why but I feel traumatized. The eye contact especially bothered me. Am I being too much? Was this whole thing really nothing? Please tell me what you think because I feel really scarred and violated.

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19 thoughts on “Scarred for Life.

  1. Although he didn’t pull a weapon on you or anything, it’s important to trust your gut. The guy sounds crazy. The distance you kept from him and the caution you had were the right things to do. But I am so sorry you had to go through that, it never fails to amaze me how certain people find amusement in making others uncomfortable. I hope you are feeling better now dear xx

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  2. Kate says:

    The slurping thing itself should have upped the creep-o-meter near full. It’s better to stay away, but if he does approach you again, give a silent message that says you’re wary of him. Please be careful 😃

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    • The slurping thing definitely upped it. I’m kind of scared to give him a silent message because he is really, really creepy. Don’t worry, I won’t let him get the best of me 🙂 I’ve seen worse things happen in TV shows, yep I’m using TV as my backup

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  3. That sounds awful! 😦 Honestly I feel sorry for you because he just sounds like one of those people who would stare, and stare. UGH I hope you’re okay now!

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    • Don’t worry I’m always with my friends or with someone. I hope I’ll never be alone with him that would just be scary, if that were to happen I would just find the best way out possible.


  4. skynimbusx says:

    Lord, that sounds creepy! I totally get what you mean though, I’ve had that eye contract thing a couple of times so I totally get where you’re coming from. The best thing to do is be alert at all times and stay away from potential danger. 😁

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