unexplained: Why Do I Miss You?

The heart is really confusing.

I want you here.

But how would that help my cause?

It wouldn’t.

I would just stress myself out wondering if you’re thinking about me.

I’ve forgotten everything you’ve done to me,

because I just want you here.


I don’t know.

I should hate you.

Despise you, for everything you’ve done to me.

But I don’t.

What’s wrong with me?

Why do I want you here?

If you were here, you wouldn’t even talk to me.

You would just give me pain and  heartbreak.

So this feeling doesn’t even make sense.

Every time the door opens, my heart yearns for you.

Every time someone that looks like you walks by, my heart hopes that it’s actually you.

My heart searches for you.

This is stupid.

I’m supposed to be getting over you.

But here we are, at square one.

Is there something wrong with me?

Why am I looking for you, when all you give me is the worst?

Does my heart want to be heartbroken again.

Do I want to do that to myself again.

It took a lot for me to admit that I miss you, there’s no point in fooling myself.

But why?

Why do I miss the person who gives me the worst anxiety in the world?

Why do I miss the person who played with my heart?

Why do I miss the guy whose actions were lies?

This is horrible.

Why can’t I just move on and forget?

Why is it so hard?

I don’t need you.

There’s a difference between want and need.

I don’t need you. I will never need you.

I just want you. I just want you here. I just want your presence.

Which doesn’t make any sense to me.

It only makes sense to my heart.

To wish for the one person who made my heart the way it is, but also broke it altogether.

Why do I miss you?

The heart is a funny thing.

One minute you think you’re finally over someone, but then it fools you wrong.

Maybe I am close to getting completely over you.

But I don’t think missing you is part of the whole package deal of getting over someone.

As the song says…

“The heart wants what it wants.”



3 thoughts on “unexplained: Why Do I Miss You?

  1. I understand this feeling, but you’re just being human. It’s OKAY to want them there, but to also realise that having them there would only cause you harm.

    Liked by 1 person

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