I CUT MY HAIR!… Two Weeks Ago…

Guys, I never told you about this, but I cut my hair! And yes, it was two weeks ago. I was so busy volunteering that I was too tired to write a post about it, and then ultimately forgot it altogether.

Do you want to see pictures?

(By the way, ignore the snapchat captions lol)





So much hair got cut, my hair hasn’t been that short for 3. Y.E.A.R.S. You know looking at the before picture kind of makes me question why I cut it in the first place.

But I remind myself why.

But people, they don’t know why and they question why. Urgh, people have been asking me “Why did you cut your hair!!” Like I betrayed them somehow. I mean at first it was funny, and I appreciated the fact that people actually noticed. But now it’s really annoying.

I wasn’t going to grow my hair forever. Can you imagine how much my split ends will develop if I did that?

Yes, that’s one reason I cut my hair, split ends. Because they  really freaked me out.

But I cut it because I wanted a fresh start.

Some days, it felt like my hair was weighing me down. Not only because you know it was more than half the size of me, but because it held too much of the past.

I heard this celebrity one time talk about how when she cut her hair it was like a new chapter of her life. I mean I didn’t understand it at the time because I was really young when I heard  this story, but now I kind of understand it.

It’s like I get to be this new person, but I’m still me.

I don’t know, cutting my hair kind of took a weight off my shoulders.

I like being able to comb through the ends of my hair without getting arm pains. And let me tell you, I use less shampoo and conditioner, that is a true blessing.

I just wanted short hair. I wanted a change, I needed it. I needed it before I held on too long.

That’s why I wanted to cut my hair.

I didn’t cut it because anyone else told me to. I didn’t cut it to impress anybody.

I cut it because I wanted to, it’s for me. It made, makes, me happy. I love it 🙂

Don’t change your appearance for anyone but yourself. Because if you change for someone else, you’re not being you. You’re being someone who wants to impress someone else, and that’s not you. In the end, who do you look at the most? A person who barely notices you, or the person staring back at you in the mirror?

«Music Friday»

  • See You Around by Shane Harper



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