I Can’t Let You In

What do you put on your face before you leave the house?

Makeup or a rough exterior?

What do you paint your walls with?

A layer of shine, or a seemingly unbreakable top coat?

Who do you hold hands with?

Hope or pain?

How do you greet someone else?

With a hug, or a handshake?

How do you let someone in?

Through the front door, or leave an inch of space open at the window?

How are you seen by strangers?

With a smile on your face, or with your head always looking down?

How do you start a friendship?

With trust, or with suspicion?

How do you trust?

With your heart, or with your overwhelming thoughts?

Who are you around new people?

Yourself, or someone you pretend others to believe is yourself?

Where do you hide your pain?

In your heart or on your face?

How do you say hello?

Do you go up to them, or wait for them to notice you?

How do you deal with someone ignoring you?

Do you confront them, or go with it?

Are you wary?

Do you have guards, or are your gates open?

Has meeting the darkness changed you in ways you can’t understand?

Has emotions or the actions of others flawed your ability to be carefree?

Have others changed you?

Is it hard to open up and easier to close yourself off?

Trust me, I know.

I just have have a few more questions for you.

Who do you live with?

An angel, or a demon?

Where do you spend your time?

In the light, or in the darkness?

Are you scared of letting someone in?

Like I am?

Is your door opened or closed?



6 thoughts on “I Can’t Let You In

  1. I actually read this for quite a long time cause I was answering all of them 😀😀😀 yes, of course I always leave a one inch gap so my visitors can transform into jello and bounce/slither through 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

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