I’ve heard a lot about love and friendship and sacrifice.

I’ve heard people say that love is sacrifice.

I’ve heard a movie say that love is friendship.

I’ve never fallen in love, but I do love my friends, my best friends.

I love them.

Of course I would do anything for them. I care about them. I want to make sure they get all the happiness in the world.

I would do anything for them, but sometimes it feels like they wouldn’t do the same for me.

Do you ever feel like that with your friends?

I mean, I know they love me. I know that. Sometimes, it just feels like I do so much for them. I would go to the ends of the earth just for them, but they wouldn’t even go a mile.

I believe that they would do anything for me, but to an extent.

If love is sacrifice, and if friendship is love. Is friendship a sacrifice as well?

I’ve watched a tv show and a movie about two best friends and their sacrifice. Nothing could, or ever tear the friends apart. Then a boy comes into the girls’ lives. Girl #1 is interested in the boy, and vice versa. Then the boy figures out that he likes Girl #2 and not girl #1. Girl #2 has liked him from the beginning. But, Girl #2 sacrifices the chance to be with the boy, the chance of falling in love, for Girl #1, her best friend. Girl #2 sacrifices love for her best friend’s happiness.


That was sacrifice.

No, that’s not happening in my life.

But, it proves my point.

They prove that friendship can be seen as sacrifice.

One person can do so much for their friend, to see them happy.

But sometimes, the other person wouldn’t do the same.

It’s my opinion.

I believe that friendship is sacrifice.

Not in all relationships,

but in mine.

In my friendship, sacrifice is evident.

I would do anything for her, do anything she wants me to do.

Even ride a roller coaster, which I h.a.t.e.

But would she do the same for me?

She won’t even play music with me, the one thing I really want to do.

I would do everything to fight for my best friend to be happy.

But would she do the same for me?

I guess, the fact that that even has to be a question says a lot.



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