Hope is a Fire

Hope is like a fire.

First, hope begins as a spark.


You’re curious.

Does hope work or not?

Maybe it does, you believe.

So you hope.

But you don’t expect anything, because nothing’s happened yet.

At this stage you’re hopeless, but curious.

A spark suddenly turns into flames.

You hope a little bit more.

Sometimes, even without much doubt.

But if your hopes don’t work out, it won’t phase you that much, because it’s still only the beginning.

Flames turn into a full fire.

A full, complete fire.

One that could help someone survive, if need be.

This hope is hopeful. Very hopeful.

It makes you believe, but it doesn’t tear you down.

It makes you hope, like it’s a daily activity.

Hoping doesn’t scare you as much.

The fire turns into disaster.

The fire catches up with you.

Someone forgot to put it out, or forgot that it was in fact burning.

This hope is disastrous.

Suddenly, you hoped so much that it overtook you.

You hoped so much that it consumed your whole being and it took over.

And all the fire left was ruin.

The disaster turns into smoke and burned remains.

It’s almost like something was seen here.

But it’s not recognizable.

Everything is too charred,

everything is burned.

Suddenly, hope isn’t something you can ask for without doubt and anxiety.

We all know about fires.

It could either save you or…

A little hope is ok, but a lot?

It could take down a whole forest.

“Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective. A lot of hope is dangerous. A spark is fine, as long as it’s contained. “

-President Snow (The Hunger Games)

But where would we be without it?

Where would I be without it?



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