Mirror Me

I love mirror me.

Now, if you told me 5 months ago that I would say that, I probably wouldn’t have believed you.

I hated looking at myself in the mirror.

I would actually avoid any chance of looking at myself in the mirror.

Because I was so scared of what I would see.

I was scared of insecurities,

Of not seeing worth,

Of who I would see through my own eyes,

of not being beautiful.

But, today, right now, I’m happy to say that I’m not scared anymore.

I look in a mirror whenever I can.

She’s nice.

She’s beautiful.

She’s honest.

Whenever I looked myself in the mirror I had to remind and remind myself to give myself a compliment and maybe smile.

But today, I don’t have to force a compliment out of myself, I call myself beautiful without hesitation. I don’t forget to smile, because it just comes out.

I’m not egotistical,

I’m not self-centered or self-conceited.

I’m healthy. I’m happy.

I’m beautiful.

I’ve said that 5 times because I know I am. I’m sure of it now.

I wasn’t always this way, but somehow it got easier.

Mirror me is my friend now, I love her meaning I love myself.

You can do it too.

Go tell your refection that you’re beautiful.

Even though you might not believe it right now or today, some day you’ll realize it, you’ll believe.

Like I did, like I am.

I’m beautiful.

You’re beautiful.

We’re all beautiful.

Because that’s the way that we were made, beautiful.




12 thoughts on “Mirror Me

  1. I’m so, so proud of you, like you wouldn’t believe. You are one strong human being. And you ARE nice. Beautiful. Take that attitude and hold it in your hands.

    Liked by 1 person

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