Remember the Positive, Forget the Negative

I realized a few months ago that my mind did this thing where, at the end of the day, I would mostly remember the bad parts of my day over the good parts. I think a lot of us do this.

Turns out, I don’t only think of the negative parts, I think of the negative people.

I noticed it a few days ago.

Two people, last week, said “Hi Rebecca” to me.

One person hugged me.

I laughed with my best friend.

Then one adult, who I used to know, came up to me and shook my hand saying “Hi Sweetie,” meaning that she forgot my name, and by the look on her face she forgot who I was.

Then at the end of the day, when I start remembering the highlight of the day I don’t only remember negative parts, I remember negative people.

I only remembered that one person who forgot my name.


Why is it that I only focus my attention on the negative stuff?

As well as the negative people.

Maybe it’s because I’m not used to that much positive stuff and when I do receive it, I sot of brush it aside.

I guess the negative stuff is more appealing.

Do you guys feel the same way?

It’s so easy to bring ourselves down, but it’s so hard to cheer ourselves up and stay happy.

Why is it so hard staying positive?

Because of happiness.

I don’t know about you, but I’m extremely terrified of happiness.

Happiness is like… hmm a good metaphor… Ok, I’ve got one! Happiness is like when a little kid is having a playdate at their friend’s house and they see a toy, and they really, really want to keep the toy. But, at the end of the play date, the toy gets taken away, because it wasn’t their toy.

Happiness… it’s something that gets taken away. You can’t always have it forever.

I always thought happiness would come to you, when you’re ready, but then I saw this quote:

“Happiness is a choice, not a result.
Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy.
No person will make you happy unless you decide to be happy.
Your happiness will not come to you. It can only come from you.”

So, I’m going to try and remember the positive, or make some positive stuff come out of my day. I’m just so tired remembering and dwelling on the negative, it gets majorly exhausting after a while. It’s going to be hard, to push away the negative, but I want to stop inviting it into my mind. I want to shut the window to negativity, and open the door to positivity 🙂

Remember the positive. Forget the negative. That’s my goal.

«Music Friday»

  • Daydream by Ruelle

  • Bad Dream by Ruelle

I love Ruelle! Her songs are so catchy and they hit you in the soul, yep right in the soul. Her songs are occasionally used in TV shows, and once you listen to her music you’ll know why. Enjoy! Have a positive weekend everyone! (See what I did there)




2 thoughts on “Remember the Positive, Forget the Negative

  1. This is a great post. I end up thinking of the negative as well, instead of the positive. My therapist says its because anxiety attaches itself to what it’s comfortable with and that’s negativity. I’m trying also to remember the positive and remember all the good people in my life. Thanks for sharing this post! Also I now have a new fave singer! Ruelle has a beautiful voice.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Negativity is questionably comfortable. I’m glad that you’re trying to remember the positive, it’s really hard but with time and effort it will get better, and I’m glad that you liked my post! And it’s great that you like Ruelle, she has so many beautiful songs 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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