I’m a puzzle without a piece.

I’m a kid without her teddy bear.

I’m an athlete without a water bottle.

I’m a musician without the inspiration.

I’m a writer without the words.

I’m a beach without the sand.

I’m a teacher without the lesson.

I’m a book without the ink.

I’m a joke without the laugh.

I’m the art without a message.

I’m the night sky without the stars.

I’m life without the purpose.

I’m a bird without her song.

I’m a piano without the melody.

I’m a foot without a shoe.

I’m a bed without a blanket.

I’m a frame without a picture.

I’m an astronaut without space.

I’m a movie without the characters.

I’m a song without the harmony.

I’m the moon without the sun.

I’m the bank without the money.

I’m a mailbox without any letters.

I’m a baby without a bottle.

I’m a store without the products.

I’m a library without any books.

I’m a microphone without the sound.

I’m a radio without the songs.

I’m a dancer without the moves.

I’m a photographer without a camera.

I’m a hamster without a wheel.

I’m a dog without a bone.

I’m a cat without any yarn.

I’m a rabbit without a carrot.

I’m a tree without any leaves.

I’m a sky without any colors.

I’m a mirror without a reflection.

I’m a picture without the image.

I’m an ocean without the waves.

I’m a kite without the wind.

I’m a story without any pages.

I’m thunder without lightning.

I’m a hug without endearment.

I’m a home without a family.

I’m a lock without a key.

I’m a hotel without any rooms.

I’m a hello without a goodbye.

I’m a human without the air.

I’m a heart without a beat.

I’m a me without you.

I’m a girl missing you.

I’m a puzzle without a piece.



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