My Hopes for the School Year

I don’t think anything is more nerve-wracking than the night before the first day of school.

With no idea what’s in store for the new year.

No clue to what’s going to happen and what the definition of “mundane” will be.

I don’t know whether I’m excited or nervous/scared about my first day, maybe a combination of both?

Although, I will not be excited about the dysfunction of my sleeping schedule and the upcoming stress of all the assignments… I’m really excited about the classes and the learning experience.

I’m excited to be a junior and maybe learn more about who I want to become.

Goodbye Summer.

You were good to me, but it’s time to move on.

I’m not completely ready to move on, but I need a new experience.

I don’t think school will be that bad, I hope it won’t be.

But, of course my anxiety has to butt in.

I worry about having the same lunch period with my friends.

I worry about the teachers, who’ll be in my classes, how difficult they’ll be.

But, I’m also kind of over summer, and these worries are just worries.

Who says that I can’t be happy with my life?

Does life itself prove to me that I can’t be happy?

Sometimes I do blame life for treating me badly, but what if things can maybe go in my favor for once.

I’m putting so much hope on this one day of school, but what’s so bad about hope?

I want to hope for a good year.

I want to hope that I’ll be happy.

This year might not always have its’ ups and it might not always have its’ downs…

I don’t hope for utter happiness, because I think that’s humanely impossible.

I just hope that whatever experience, good or bad, comes my way, I’ll be ready for it and I’ll be able to face that situation head strong.

I want to finally believe in myself, and not just call myself strong, but use my strength to get through any experience in life.

That’s my hope for this year.

(I’m still really nervous, but in a good way? Is there a good way..?)



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