I was really, really nervous.

My dad drove to a secluded parking lot of the local university and I was, as I said earlier, really scared and nervous to drive.

My dad told me where everything was. How to change the mirrors, how to lock/unlock the doors, what the gear symbols mean, where the brake and accelerator were, where the window and door switches were, and then… It was time.

He got out of the driver seat and I nervously proceeded from the passenger seat to the driver seat. I was almost dead at this point.

The only cars we have are big ones, and today we were in the van. A Van. A big car.

But my dad and friend told me that it’s easier to start with a big car and work my way down. Yes, I understand that, but it didn’t comfort me.

My dad told me to adjust my mirrors, position my seat, put on my seat belt, and yes I know I’m telling you all the boring stuff. And then,

I had to put the car in drive.

I was kind of confused between the brake and the accelerator, I really didn’t know that even with your foot slightly on the brake, it can still be in motion.

I tried out the brakes. And then I tried out the accelerator, and let me tell you, I was not expecting what I experienced when I put my foot on the accelerator.
I was not ready for the accelerator today.

So, I just kept my foot on the brake and slowly drove, my dad told me to test out the accelerator a few times, but only a few.

Then, I made my first left turn.

I was sweating at this point.

But it wasn’t that bad. I mean, I never hit the car on the curb (Don’t worry I wasn’t even close to it, my dad might tell you otherwise)

And after a couple turns, I got the hang of it. Slowly, my dad started turning the radio on and it was my favorite radio station so that comforted me. It was 7:00 so there was a beautiful sunset that I saw develop. My dad started talking a video of me driving, and I was like “Err I’m awkward, please don’t put this on your Facebook.”

It was calm and peaceful. I was just turning, braking, and going straight. This went on for an hour. Now, that might not sound like much to you, but I think that it was an improvement for me.

I’m so happy. I was so scared for that first moment to drive, because before this experience, my only time behind the wheel was when I was taking a selfie while my mom was outside the door.

I’m still kind of scared though, once my dad got in the driver seat again and went on the main road, I was petrified to think that someday I’m going to go on the main road… with other cars. But I guess it’s a day by day process.

Future driver coming through!… at a reduced speed because my foot is still on the brake lol.




2 thoughts on “09.05.16 I HAD MY FIRST DRIVING LESSON!

  1. Living Whenever Inspiration Strikes says:

    I just discovered your blog after reading this post and looked through it a bit. It is such a peaceful and honest blog. I just love everything about it. Thank you for sharing your poems and personal posts, they are absolutely beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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