Overthinker: Identity

Have you ever been mistaken for someone else?

I have.

Should I think too much into a person’s mistake of identifying me as someone else?

Probably not.

But, I don’t know why it bothers me so much.

It’s just that, I’m my own person, you know?

And to be mistake as someone else hurts.

I grow up being my own person,

I learn in school that I’m the only me that I will ever be.

I’ve created an identity for myself, something that people will recognize in me.

I look at myself in the mirror and think “This is me. This is what I look like to the outside world.”

But is that what they see?

Do they not see the identity I’ve created?

A mistake. Just a simple mistake, I guess.

But does being mistaken for someone else mean that I just remind someone of someone else?

Does being mistaken for someone else mean that I’m not my own person, I’m just a copy or a replica?

Have all these years of building up an identity been thrown to the wind in a mere second?

What is my identity?

The Mind of an Overthinker




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