Anxiety and 50 Reasons to NOT Feel Dragged by it

I know what it’s like.. to have anxiety, to suffer from it.

So, this blog post is to those who have anxiety, like me.

I can’t really describe my anxiety in the right words, but all in all, it sucks.

It does make me feel inhumane sometimes. I feel like the people I see everyday are always living care-free lives while I have to plan out something in my head the day before, because I’m so scared and nervous for the outcome.

But I feel like, as someone with anxiety I always do little things that are never seen as “accomplishments” to others, but are accomplishments to me and my anxiety. And we, people with anxiety, should be proud of those little things, because it really is hard to do those little things, like ask for help and say the first thing to someone.

And most times it feels like anxiety is dragging us and tagging us along, like a dog on a leash, but we shouldn’t feel like that. Because whether you know it or not, we always do something that overcomes a piece of our anxiety.

So here’s a list of all the things we can pat our backs for because we took a step to overcoming our anxiety.

Congratulate yourself because you…

  1. Asked someone for help
  2. Did a presentation
  3. Spoke up in front of a group of people
  4. Didn’t have to hide in the bathroom at all
  5. Survived a panic attack
  6. Said the first word to someone
  7. Didn’t bottle up my feelings
  8. Continued a conversation
  9. Didn’t worry/overthink about something I said to someone else
  10. Didn’t worry today as much as you do
  11. Practiced breathing techniques
  12. Didn’t expect too much out of yourself today
  13. Were kind to yourself today
  14. Didn’t pretend you were fine, when you weren’t
  15. Knew that you did your best and you can’t change the situation
  16. Didn’t blame yourself
  17. Took care of yourself
  18. Took a break to collect yourself
  19. Rid yourself mind of all worries and was able to relax a little bit
  20. Spent the day with friends instead of overthinking
  21. Picked yourself up after a low point
  22. Found love after so much hate
  23. Smiled
  24. Didn’t feel the need to cry
  25. Cried and let it all out
  26. Didn’t listen to negative opinions
  27. Didn’t care about what one person is thinking about you
  28. Saw the little positive things instead of the 30 huge negative things
  29. Believed in hope
  30. Volunteered for something
  31. Stood up for yourself, either externally or internally, either way you choose yourself over them and their opinions
  32. Stood up for someone else
  33. Were brave
  34. Were not jealous of someone else’s happiness and outgoing nature
  35. Kicked out the negative thoughts in my head
  36. Followed your first instinct
  37. Were lonely and you were not haunted by it, but appreciated the solitude
  38. Did not overthink about your future because of one mistake
  39. Weren’t worried about your future
  40. Saw your mistakes as learning opportunities
  41. Ordered your own food.
  42. Voluntarily spoke up
  43. Participated in a group of people that you don’t know
  44. Found a way out of a big crowd
  45. Answered a question with confidence
  46. Got enough sleep last night
  47. Didn’t let yourself be used
  48. Went somewhere you’ve never been before
  49. Did something you’ve never done before because you were too scared
  50. You loved yourself and you kept loving youself

I think you should just remind yourself of this list everyday, as you go throughout your day, and be proud of something you did you thought you could never do as you thought about it the day before. You should give yourself an achievement everyday!

And to anyone with a mental illness, sorry I can’t make a list for each and every one of you, but I don’t know what it’s like to have the illness that you have. I wish I could make a list for you, maybe this idea sparked you to make your own list. I don’t know specifically what you feel, but I do know that Accomplishment #50 is extremely important for all of us and we should all remember that, and even though we might not accomplish that achievement today, we should remember that it is capable.

If anyone wants to talk about what you’re going through, I’m here, I know it’s a scary place out there sometimes, but there are people who are willing to listen and be there for you 🙂

«Music Friday»

  • Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara

I think the fact that I was obsessed with this song the whole week and thought of this post idea is no coincidence. If you listen to the song, you’ll know what I mean, it’s so beautiful and I especially love the line where it says:

“And you don’t have to change a thing, the world can change its heart.”

  • Overdose by Alessia Cara

I think that you should just stream Alessia’s full album on Spotify, because it’s the most real album out there and her voice is just so unique.




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