My Week: Fire Drills, Germs, and Reality… Oh My

Well, my week has definitely proved to be a very, very weird week… and it’s  only a Tuesday.

What has happened, you may ask.

I will respond with what hasn’t happened. …Seriously

Once you hear what’s happened to me in the past 2 days, yes, only 2 days (Sunday wasn’t that eventful), you’ll know why I said that.


I’ve kind of forgotten the bad sides of Monday, because for the past two weeks my school has had Monday off for holidays.

Well, this Monday was something.

The first few hours were fine, then the day started to take a turn.

I was standing peacefully in the lunch line, so eager to get my lunch, because I was starving. My best friend and I were almost there and then there’s this commotion in the cafeteria. I just thought some people got into a fight, you can’t really see what’s going on when everyone’s taller than you.

Then this lunch lady starts screaming and I have no idea what’s happening.

The next second, everyone is clearing out of the lunch line. At this point, I still have no idea what’s going on.

Then, I see everyone clearing out of the building and I put the pieces together.

Fire drill.

Really? During lunch?

I don’t necessarily like fire drills.

  1. Because it’s a huge school, with so many students, and the thought of having an actual fire in that building terrifies me.
  2. So many people and I’m always scared I won’t find my class (but it was during lunch so I was with my best friend)
  3. Fire drills always tend to get me sick. Examples? Freshman year, some immature kid pulled the fire alarm as a joke. And it was snowing. I got sick and I was a very pissed freshmen. Sophomore year, there was a fire drill when it was freezing cold outside and I didn’t have a jacket. I got sick, my fault but let’s not elaborate on that. The reason for that fire drill is because a kid, (I refer to people of my age as kids) some kid put aluminum in a microwave… yeah. And this year, this time…

So, back to talking about Monday… My best friend and I both left our backpacks on our lunch seats like we always do, because you know if we don’t we’ll have to stand eating, like we did during freshmen year… the dark times… lol.

So we had to run back to the table to get our backpacks, but of course the security guards were forcing all the kids out of the building with our backpacks, the backpack that had my sweater, with a hood, and my friend’s backpack that had her jacket…. and it was raining.

Not drizzling, raining. Full on raining.

Apparently, it wasn’t a fire drill, it was a real fire. When we were exiting the building, we saw actual smoke in the hallway and that’s when more stuff clicked.

I’ve always had fire drills, since Kindergarten. But I’ve never actually experienced a real fire.

For the first few seconds that I stood in the hallway (don’t worry there are doors directly next to the cafeteria) I could actually smell the smoke, and smell what people smell when they are stuck in a fire, and if I was in there a few more seconds I would probably feel what they were feeling.

We got outside and as I said before it was pouring. And I had a t-shirt on.

We tried to find shelter in the trees, it kind of helped. At least, I was with my best friend.

But we were both suffering.

Yep, I’m definitely going to get sick. It was raining, and kept raining, and never let up. We were out there for 20 minutes maybe and I was soaking wet. My hair was d.r.e.n.c.h.e.d. My clothes were sticking to me.

Once, we got inside I ran to my backpack and got my sweater and my unforgotten lunch.

So, a light bulb exploded and that was the cause.

So, this year this fire drill was the rain and the result was a cold. I wonder what’s going to happen next year.

Well, I got home feeling a sore throat, and my cold isn’t as bad as it could have been, so that’s a good thing. But I still hate getting sick, so this has definitely started out to be a great week (I hope you found the sarcasm)

Well, it gets worse, I left my calculator in Chemistry.

You might not think that that’s much, but I have anxiety. And that calculator is one that I rented, from the school. And my Chemistry room is used by 4 teachers. And it’s only the fourth week of school, and I misplaced it.

That’ s great.

Anxiety has a seat in my awful day, I mean it’s always present, but now it’s on a throne.

So one bad day right?

Ummmm… nope.


I had a dream with someone that I really don’t want in my dreams and that just dampened my mood and my mind kept repeatedly going back to “What does it mean.”

I tried to forget about my dream and just get ready for school.

Everything seemed okay, like I said before my cold wasn’t bad. (Knock on wood. I’m definitely not jinxing myself)

The first bad thing of the day! I see Phoenix (The guy I think I like) with his girlfriend outside of my first period class, which he is in.

I thought the world is just rewarding me today.

I wasn’t ready for that, I would never be ready for that.

I just went into the class focusing on my phone. I tried not to think about him.

Then I get a stomach ache in class.  At first, I thought I could sit in class and live through it. I couldn’t. I was in pain.

So I asked a teacher to go get some water. I got some water and washed my face and everything was ok, for now.

The day carried on.

I’m still worried about the calculator.

I go to my Chemistry class. And I’m trying to find the right opportunity to ask my teacher, but before I could… lights.

The fire drill signal is going of… the second day in a row.

Coincidence? Does that exist?

I’m not the 3rd floor today, which is again, very great.

But I wasn’t scared to be caught up in a crowd because my friend from Chemistry was with me.

At first we lost our class and then we found them.

She is such a nice person, genuinely nice. She went to her friends and she brought me along. She didn’t want to leave me. You know my anxiety was around and I kept wondering “Am I a burden?” But she literally remembered me and introduced me to her friends and she made sure i didn’t get lost in the crowd. So it wasn’t bad at all. Her friends were really nice.

Plus it was just sunshine, that I can handle.

We were out on the school’s practice field and there was this explosion type of sound, everyone got scared and I just kind of stood still. I kind of had this feeling that it wasn’t what my first instinct thought it was, or what everyone thought it was, so I just stood still. I just hope that if I was ever in that situation, I would hopefully use more sense lol. A lot of people ran away from the sound, but this one teacher was like “I don’t have time for these kids’ foolishness” and he explained it was probably just a car accident on the beltway.

People were literally running towards the building, the one where minutes ago there was just a presumed fire.

Then they moved everyone to the stadium and everyone just sat in the bleachers.

I had no idea what was the cause of this fire drill. It was definitely the most longest, we were out there for an hour.

Then my friend’s friends started talking about final wishes and dying.

And I thought, what’s going on? Do they really think they’re going to die. And then my friend asked me what my final wish would be and I had no idea. Because I haven’t lived my life. I didn’t think I was going to die, because it didn’t seem like that serious of a situation.

Then my dad texts me asking me if I’m okay, and I’m beyond confused. How does the administration have the time to send emails, but not tell the students what’s going on? Policemen came with search dogs, helicopters flew over, all this happened while we were outside.

An hour has passed and it’s 40 minutes til school ends, and the administration make an announcement with a megaphone that we’re going back inside, for our last class.

For what? I don’t know.

Apparently, some kid from our school called 911 and said that there was a bomb threat at our school. Which then prompted 911 to call our school and tell us, and the alarm was pulled.

There were no bombs.

Our school really can’t catch a break.

This week, I really shouldn’t call it a week because it’s only been two days. These two days have been weird. And yet I’ve felt the feeling of stuff I’ve only seen on Criminal Minds and heard on the news.

And it was weird.

I can never imagine myself to be in a situation as real as that, I still can’t imagine it.

It’s so raw to see people actually consider their final death wish.

How real it was to see people running, after the sound of that huge explosion was made, which just turned out to be a car accident, but could be heard to others as a gunshot.

Is this how the world reacts to tragedy, to reality?

It was kind of an eye-opener…

High school has taught me and readied me for the world these past few days.

Thank you for reading my long story, stay safe and tell the people you love that you love them.



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