What Fall Has to Offer

How do you separate a season from another season?

Is it a change in temperature?

I don’t think so, it still feels sunny.

Is it the way that the earth looks?

I don’t think so, my leaves have been falling since school started.

Is it because my nose is stuffed and chest congested?

I really hope not.

So, after a quick google search I’ve gathered some information:

“The September equinox occurs the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above Earth’s Equator – from north to south.”

That’s so amazing.

Can you imagine the fact that a little movement can cause a whole new season?

A change in the weather,

a breeze that will pick  up the leaves.

A beautiful array of colors on the trees,

Green to red, to yellow, to orange, to crinkly brown.

The earth is so beautiful, so many of us are too busy to actually look out our windows and google search stuff like why autumn starts the specific day that it starts.

Curiosity will not kill you, it only killed the cat. Plus a cat has 9 lives (and satisfaction brought it back) we only have 1 life to live.

So make it worthwhile, go out and explore nature.

Go on adventures.

Who cares if you need a shower afterwards… lol

Live in tune with nature.

Because it’ll really open your eyes and get you out of your personal bubble of unreal scenarios.

You know, this week itself I was caught up in this drama that my mind made up, and I was so focused on that stupid drama that I forgot about my surroundings, I forgot about the little things.

Then I got sick, and it slowed down life for me.

Whenever I get sick, I think it’s life trying to say “Ok, you need to slow down and take a little break.” And I think that’s something we all need to do.

That’s definitely something I need to do now, with school and loads of homework.

I’m so unhealthily worrying about homework, I mean sometimes I have nightmares of not doing my homework. That’s a huge sign.

Fall is a nice reminder to us.

It’s trying to remind us that we need to make a little change sometimes to our daily mindset and routine.

Sometimes, we have to stop planning our day and just let it be.

And we have to remember that it’s ok to let old things/habits die.

Take a break, lie in the grass, crunch some leaves under your toes.

The end of summer is sort of like a downer, because as soon as school starts, summer is just lost. It doesn’t even feel like summer anymore, it just feels like something in between summer and fall. It’s like that phase of your life between a kid and a teenager lol (I’m sorry if any of you are in that range, but I just hated that phase of my life)

As soon as summer ends, and a new season begins it feels like we finally know our place. Things are moving along.

Fall is a reminder that life is getting a little better (if it wasn’t before)

For some happiness might be,

a change in wardrobe,

new coffee flavors,

the leaves changing colors,

warm hugs in the cold weather,

a slight breeze,

or a day spent experiencing the season.

So, go appreciate what the world has to offer.

Appreciate the fact that something out there, in the solar system moved so we could have a change.

Or that Someone out there planned this all out when He made the world.

Either way go, step out the door.

Hurry before you miss the opportunity to appreciate it!

«Music Friday»

  • That’s My Girl by Fifth Harmony

My loves 🙂 This is my favorite music video that they’ve shot. This song is the perfect female empowerment song and it picks me up in my low moments. Enjoy!



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