The day we’re all accustomed to hate.

The day the week starts it’s turmoil of work.

No sleep.

Running on half breakfasts and dark eye circles.

Free time is just a dream.

A small nap isn’t an option.

The day that everything seems to reset.

The feeling of dread revives.

4 more days. Just 4 more days. But they seem so far away.

Monday is always glorified as a horrible day.

But, that doesn’t mean we have to see it that way.

 Maybe we should give Monday a chance?

I didn’t have the best Monday today, but that shouldn’t make it into this huge generalization that Mondays are horrible.

What about all the good things that happened on a Monday?

I was born on a Monday! When I realized that, I thought it was ridiculous… because I hated Mondays… hate.

But I’m really trying Monday.

It’s just that Monday is literally a bad wake up call.

After a weekend of blissful and interrupted sleep, bam, Monday.

But Monday should be happy day, we should be excited about a new week.

I’ve realized that I’ve been so focused counting my days til Friday, when in reality, I’m losing my days.

Life is precious, these days just come and go and I’m wasting them wishing it was another day, which shouldn’t be normal.

Monday shouldn’t be a “Hi, I’m Grumpy” it should be a “I’m ready to start a new week of experience.”

And believe me, I wouldn’t blame you if it’s not easy for you, it definitely will not be easy for me to follow my own advice, but I’ll take it week by week, Monday by Monday.



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