I found the pieces of my life fit together,

I could see the bad things turn good,

I found a little more purpose,

I understood a little bit more about life,

even about myself,

I know what it means to see things through words,

sometimes it’s like my stories are being replayed through my ears,

I can find my pain and my happiness,

I can relate to something incomprehensible,

I can find a sense of sanity in my broken world,

I can find another reason to hold on,

to stay strong,

I can relate to others and find people with the same interests,

I can see other’s stories through a quick click of a sharable link on YouTube,

it can be able to hold me up even when everything seem like it’s falling apart,

it keeps me happy,

it helps me fight through it,

it helps me want to fight through it,

it makes me want to tell my story to the world,

at least to anyone who’s listening,

it picks me up EVERY time I fall down,

even through a bad day the thought of it is what keeps me going,

Thank you.

Thank you music,

for being my sanity.

«Music Friday» (This is like a pun now)

  • All We Have is Love by Sabrina Carpenter


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