The Problem with Liking a Nice Guy

Yes, I’m actually going to go on a mini rant about why liking a nice guy is a problem.

You see, I don’t think I’ve ever liked a guy who was genuinely nice. So, this situation has a new car smell to it.

And yes this is about me liking Phoenix.

Let’s see what’s the first problem with liking a genuinely nice guy?

That. It’s RIGHT there.

They’re nice! They’re kind! Without. Any. Strings.

Whenever Phoenix does a nice thing for me, like today for example: In photography, our teacher told us to walk up to the front of the class to see her demonstrate something, and I’m a very short person. I don’t know if I’ve ever stated that before, but yes I am, and I’m proud. But of course, all of my classmates are freakishly and unreasonably tall. So, when everyone is hurdling in the front of the room, I’m kind of in the back I can see fine. Phoenix is at the front (one of the extremely and somewhat reasonably tall people) and he looks behind him, to where I was standing. “Heart me” wants to be like he turned around to look for me to see if I could see. While “Mind me” is like maybe he heard something behind him or something, doesn’t mean he was necessarily looking for me. Ok, anyway…

When he turned around, I looked in his eyes and he looked in mine. He smiled and I knew what he was gonna do. He was gonna make space for me. He literally moved to the right a little bit, at the front, so that I could move from the back to the front and stand next to him, so that I could be able to see. He did that. He really did that. For me.


Because. He’s. A. Nice. Person.

If situations were different, my heart would convince myself that he might have feelings for me. But of course that’s not true in this situation. He’s just a nice guy.

He just selflessly helps. Not only me, but other people.

And how do I not fall for that?

He is really making it hard for me.

You know liking the not so good guys have their fair share of problems too.

With the not so nice guys, it’s like a simple action: Like maybe they looked right through you once, that feeling will stay with you forever and they wouldn’t care.

But with the nice guys here’s the problem:

They care.

They take away all your anxieties and haunting questions.

You know, if Phoenix was like every other guy I’ve encountered in my life, we wouldn’t even be talking anymore. I met him in Freshmen Year and most of my friends in Freshman Year are gone now. If he was like everyone else, he would “pretend” to forget me and choose to ignore me. but here we are 2 years later and he’s still nice to me, no matter what.

Guys, I literally blatantly ignored him the first day of school (because I thought he was like everyone else and would act like he’s forgotten me) but me ignoring him didn’t even phase him. Here I am in the maybe 6th week of school and we’re friends, because he didn’t push me away or choose to ignore me like I did him.


Because he’s a nice guy. Do you see my point now?

How can you disregard feelings for someone who’s unbelievably kind in a world full of hate?

But, thankfully, I don’t blame myself for having feelings. I stopped that after the 2nd week. I’m actually kind of happy, because I’ve always liked guys who were the not so nice type. And I always thought I could only, you know, like the not so nice kind and be accepted by them and never meet a nice boy. But I have, and I’m glad that my heart is pining after a nice person for once.

I mean, yes he has a girlfriend but it’s just nice that I don’t blame myself for what I feel anymore.

Even if this all ends badly, I’ll know that genuine guys exists and I should probably like them instead of the ones who blatantly break my heart without caring.

«Music Friday»

  • First by Lauren Daigle

So, this is a Christian song but I feel like the simplicity of this live version should be heard by everyone, even if you don’t believe, because the music is just beautiful. It’s your decision whether you click on the video or not, but I really hope you do!

I hope everyone had a good week!



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