This Is How Humanity Should Be

At school, yesterday, I experienced something that was unbelievably kind, I thought why not share it?

So, I asked my teacher to go to the restroom, and yes this experience does take place in a restroom lol please don’t click away. Mark my words, it’s a good experience and has nothing to do with the restroom itself.

I was in a stall, and I suddenly hear this girl, who is in the stall to the left of me say “Uhm can someone hand me some toilet paper?”

I literally didn’t know what to do. I thought it was kind of an awkward situation, I mean restroom, toilet paper.

But, suddenly as soon as the girl asked it was dead silent for a second and then the girl in the stall to the right of me literally dropped her passbook and immediately, vigorously, started rolling out toilet paper for the girl.

Referring back to the title, Yes: This Is How Humanity SHOULD be.

Granted, I reacted poorly, but the other girl showed me that humanity can still be selfless and kind sometimes.

I mean, once I saw this episode of Seinfeld where Elaine (the main character) is in a restroom and she asks a girl in the stall next to her for toilet paper and the girl reacts rudely. I found a video of the episode clip on YouTube here (<– link). Because of that, I really didn’t think that anyone would pass this girl toilet paper, but once I heard the other girl to my right drop her passbook, I was astonished. Of course that episode was shot years ago and it was a scripted scene, but I thought that the depiction of humanity would have a say.

Humanity is just hard to label sometimes. Especially in social places like High School, where there are hormonal teenagers.

There’s this label of humanity that you know, boys fight each other for no reason. Girls are jealous of other girls because of their personality or beauty which then results to girls hating their own kind without even knowing the person.

But this act of kindness just happily obliterated that stereotype.

Imagine if I was the girl who asked for toilet paper, I would be full of anxiety (more than usual) wondering if someone would actually respond or worrying thinking that they would pretend that they didn’t hear me. To actually have someone drop what they were doing to get what I needed for me and destroy the anxiety AND the stereotype would be unbelievable.

I just wish that I could turn back time and react reasonably, but I think the experience opened my eyes up to: What the world is like vs. What a few people with kindness still in their heart are like.

What do you think of when you hear the word humanity?

You’re probably not thinking of the best word out of the dictionary or the best picture that your mind can imagine.

But, these simple acts, like getting toilet paper for someone else when they need some can do so much to our own definition of humanity.

Humanity isn’t only what we see on TV or on the news, it starts with us. We could obliterate the stereotypes by doing just one kind act a day.

And we can have faith in humanity again.



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