overthinker: trust.

Before I start my post I want to take this day: 11.11.16. to honor the veterans who have served the country that I live in today.

You’ve taken action that I can’t even comprehend or fathom.

I’ve never experienced bravery or have ever been brave in my life. But brave is on a whole other level for you. You have a courage that I can’t even grasp.

Thank you for all that you’ve done and all that you selflessly continue to do.

What is trust?

What exactly does it mean?

  • firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something

This all began when, the other day, something happened with two of my friends and they’re kind of new friends, so we’re still at that beginning level. We were joking around about something then one of my friends say, “I trust you Rebecca, I don’t trust her (our other friend)”

It wasn’t this real trivial matter where trust had to be shown, it was just this whole humorous situation. My other friend, who is known to make fun of the friend who said trusted me (in a playful way not in a rude way), she told him that there was something on his shoe. He didn’t believe her because she always messes with him. So she asks me if there’s something on his shoe so I look and I tell him that there is actually something on his shoe, which was shocking to me lol because I thought she was messing around with him too. And that’s when he said he trusted me and not her.

As you can see, it was a joking matter. But it really made me think a lot about trust and where exactly it comes from and how you build it overtime.

Trust is kind of a weird concept to me.

Do I trust people? Well, yes I guess, but to an extent.

I don’t trust one single person with EVERYTHING.

I mean I might trust one person with one thing and another person with another thing, but it’s hard to trust one sole human being with everything.

It’s just hard for me to trust, period.

It’s especially hard to trust new friends that I make, because even time won’t build trust most of the time.

So what exactly does build trust?

Faith, hope, optimism, confidence?

Where can I get some trust?

I think I might really need some because I find myself not quite trusting certain people.

Not because of anything they did, but because of what I’ve been through in the past and how trust back then has shown its’ favor (not so good).

I just don’t want to trust so hard that I just fall in the end.

Trust is earned, yes, but when do you know that the person has earned it?

Is there ever a right time to trust someone?

Yes, I do trust people. I trust my best friends with secrets and about how my life REALLY is, but when did I start to trust them?

Also, why is it easier trusting everyone on here? I mean I trust all of you, but when did it exactly happen?

Wow, trust is sneaky.

I guess you never think about it as much. You never think of the right moment to trust someone, you just do.

Maybe I’m overthinking it. I mean I do trust people but I’ve been through a lot with my best friends and things have happened from the last time I’ve trusted “friends.” I just don’t want to trust the wrong person.

But that’s life. Sadly, we don’t know the right person to trust with things, we can’t read their minds to see if we can trust them. Even though that would be really helpful.

I guess trust comes with instinct, you know that feeling you get in your stomach if something isn’t right. I always like to trust that instinct and common sense.

Maybe to trust others, I have to trust myself first…?

I have to have faith in myself that I will trust the right people with the right things. If I ever get that gut feeling then I’ll stop. When it comes to that gut feeling you have to trust it, it really does come in handy.

But, remember, don’t feel the need that you HAVE to trust someone . You don’t have to tell someone your secrets to get them to trust you, or vice versa. Like I said, trust should be earned. You don’t have to trust everyone you meet, maybe everyone isn’t worth of your trust. But trust me, you ARE worthy of trust, and if people don’t see that then there’s your answer.

«Music Friday»

  • The Greatest by Sia



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