My Week

I guess this is the part where I blame school for my lack of blog posts.

But to be honest, through the seemingly endless amounts of homework, I actually had a really good week, emotionally and mentally!

So on Monday my school had a walk out/protest against president-elect Donald Trump. And I have never been more proud of my school. We, as teenagers, don’t really have any say behind a vote because some of us don’t even have the right to vote yet. So, we just have to stand on the sidelines while the adults are the only ones with “just” and “fair” opinions. While we’re just hormonal teenagers. Well, this was an event where the hormonal teenagers actually took a stand. I didn’t participate in the walk out because it was sort of a rash decision and it was during school hours and to me education is my priority. But I’m really happy that people my age actually made a difference, because in my area “The High School Protestors” was all over the news. I’m just really glad of the environment I live in.

Yesterday I went to a school play with my best friend and it was such a good day. We had lunch before going back to school to see it, it was the first school play we saw and it was an adaption of “Hamlet.” To be honest, I had no idea what the actors/actresses were saying but they were so amazing lol. Especially the girl who played Hamlet, she was so convincing and portrayed Hamlet amazingly. My best friend and I really didn’t have any knowledge to school plays, so when the play was at its’ climax and the lights blacked out and people started clapping and leaving, we were so confused. The play didn’t finish? Then we realized… it was intermission. Lol, that’s something we’re gonna go back to as a laughing moment.

On Thursday I got my report card and I’m so proud of myself. I worried so much this quarter and it all paid off in the end. I used to be so afraid of checking my grades because I was that anxious to see them, and I hated doing that to myself. But now, I check my grades every week to make sure I’m on the right track. Sure, somewhere along the way it might make me mad, anxious, and discouraged. But, how can I be a “winner” (I’m not a winner lol it’s a metaphor) if I can’t even check the scoreboard?

Then today was kind of a chill day. In photography, I held my first film camera and actually learned how it worked. And I’m doing a project with the friends that I’ve made… I actually made real friends not the fake ones. In piano, I had a playing quiz that I was stressing over and I made no mistakes! My piano teacher clapped and told me I did a great job.

I mean my week had its downs and I remember the downs, but I’m really trying every day to focus on the positive and disregard the negative. It’s really, really hard considering my anxiety worrying and picking out every bad detail, but it’s a day by day progression. As of this moment, I’m happy and I don’t want to think of anything that can ruin that. I hope you guys had a great week as well!

«Music Friday»

  • Unsteady by X Ambassadors



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