12.10.16: Carbon Monoxide

Ok this story confirms that chemistry has been haunting me, well it doesn’t but I needed an intro and I want to blame chemistry for something.

It was a Saturday night, I just finished my homework and was about to go to bed when I hear this incessant chirping. The smart person that I am thought that the sound was coming from the TV. But of course, I was wrong and the sound was actually coming from downstairs.

So like the brave girl I am I called my mom and asked her what that sound was. My mom didn’t hear anything because her room was farther away. So I went downstairs with my mom trailing behind and the beeping got louder and more annoying…. and scary.

Bear in mind that I literally just watched an episode of Criminal Minds and I was not ready for anything unexpected. Plus it was a basic Saturday night with me doing my homework, I wasn’t expecting anything eventful.

I went down further, into the caverns of my basement, and I discovered that the stupid beeping was coming from the carbon monoxide alarm. At first, I thought it was one of those instances where the battery dies or something. But the alarm kept chirping, and then a voice came out of it saying “Carbon monoxide. Stay away.” I got even more scared.

My mom opened the door to let fresh air in and after a minute or two, the beeping stopped. I was still scared though. I felt the need to tell someone, because my grandparents were sleeping in the living room, my brother was at a friend’s house, and my dad is in India. I chose to text my brother because even though the issue was solved maybe he would know what caused it. He said to stay away and keep the door opened. Then I told him that it stopped and he said to still stay away just in case.

Then after 5 minutes the beeping started again. My mom opened the door again. I texted my brother that it started again. He said that my mom and I should call an emergency operator and tell them that the alarm beeped twice. My mom was scared to call at first, but it proved to be useful.

Once she stated that someone was coming, I was more aware of my anxiety and especially aware that this was a “Real” situation and it was happening to us. It’s just hard to believe that life happens sometimes and things like this actually HAPPENS.

Well the fire department came, and it was VERY noticeable when they came. Light seeped through our closed windows, it shined so bright from the outside that our whole house was filled with light. When they show up, they show up. Of course, with my anxiety I was too scared to open the door so I asked my mom to open it. Three firefighters walked in and they went to business.

Well, there really was carbon monoxide in our house coming from the stove and their carbon monoxide meter was at 20 in our house. It should be at 0. But 20 isn’t a harmful level so thank God. They opened our windows and doors to make more fresh air come in.

It was very awkward for me. One of the guys told me to come in the kitchen to listen since my dad nor brother was there. I went full on petrified in that second. Their looks just made me feel like a kindergartener. Not even a small smile, I mean why would they? But still, it would’ve given me comfort. My voice suddenly went from 16 year old to a mouse. Yep, that’s me near authority.

When my brother came home he unplugged the stove and we were able to call our dad to tell him everything. I explained to him what the firefighters said and it was kind of cool for me to explain it. Because usually it would be my brother to take action, and I’m the observer. But it was the other way around and it was just a fresh perspective.

Well, the reason I shared this story isn’t to share a carbon monoxide story with you, because that’s kind of boring. When the whole carbon monoxide dilemma was over my brother said that he was proud of me.

I had no idea why? I mean I really didn’t do anything and I told him that. Then he told me that I made logical decisions, that’s why he’s proud.

When he said that it didn’t seem to matter that I shrunk under authority and made my mom do all the important things.

Did he really see me as making logical decisions? Did he really think my actions were something to be proud of?

I don’t feel like I did anything. I just feel like I reacted. Plus it was my anxiety reacting most of the time.

Btu if he can see me in that way, maybe I will be able to be more than the girl with the anxiety. Because even with the anxiety I was able to pull through.

But honestly, God pulled me through this whole thing. I just need to say that. Because I was so scared that I’m pretty sure I was sweating when the windows and doors were open. The carbon monoxide was at a steady level and to think the other way around is just… but I don’t have to think about that because He was there for me, He was there for us. And I can’t find any other word than thank you and I love you to show my gratitude to Him.

So conclusion? Stay safe. Through any situation, just breathe and think about rational things. The first rational thing I did was tell my mom about the sound instead of investigating myself. Even if it’s something wimpy like that (even though I don’t see it as wimpy, it was 11 at night and the sound was coming from the dark basement) it could forever change the outcome of any situation.



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