Merry Christmas Eve!!

Oh my gosh, can you believe that it’s already Christmas Eve? I can’t even fathom how fast December has gone by.

I haven’t really been able to write posts this whole week because of school and Christmas shopping.

If you’ve read my latest posts you might think I’ve needed a break from everything that was hurting and I guess you might expect me to be broken. I would expect myself to be broken.

But, I’m actually really happy right now, while my Christmas spirit is kind of low. But at least I’m happy.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been able to look at all the happy things of my day and that has helped me to such a great extent. Before, I’ve been forgetting about my friends that have been there for me all this time and cherishing them now has made me 10x happier. Although I might not have many friends I have friends who are able to leave an unforgettable smile on my face. I have friends who care about how my day is going. I have friends who are friends and not fake at all. Knowing this makes all the stupid drama that my brain coughs up unimportant.

The other day I went shopping and I wasn’t really sure if I should buy Christmas presents for my family and friends because I haven’t really been in the Christmas spirit. But, once I got to the store and started imagining the happy faces of my loved ones if they were to get these things I thought why not? So I’m really happy that I got presents for everyone that I care about (and I’m kind of 50% more excited to wrap them. Does that make me weird? Lol). I just can’t wait to see the smiles on their faces. That’s all that matters to me.

To be very honest, this month hasn’t been the best. I mean it kinda sucks because December is my favorite month, not just because it’s my birthday month, but because it’s the month of reflection. We remember our whole year in this month and I think that that is something to be grateful for.

Right now, I just want to forget about the negative aspects of my year. I just want to remember the people who have been there for me in my bad times and my good times. They’re the ones who make me extremely grateful for everything. If it weren’t for the people in my life, I would 100% be broken right now. I’m just extremely grateful to God, even though I get angry over little things, He already knows that He put the right people in my life to be able to overcome whatever problem I have, and I could not thank him or love Him enough.

This Christmas Eve, even though I’m not really in the Christmas spirit this year, I am in the grateful and thankful (I know I’m a month late) spirit. I guess that’s what really matters this time of year. Not being thankful of what you’re going to get, but of what you already have. We could get all the presents that we want but none of them will amount to the love we have to the person giving them to us.

I hope you remember that.

Merry Christmas Eve!



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