A Little Hope in Humanity

It’s really hard to have hope or faith in humanity.

So when I saw a recommended YouTube video with the title, “This Girl Was Getting Bullied. How These People Reacted Will Amaze You” I got scared.

I legitimately got scared.

I was scared that people would just ignore the girl getting bullied, that thought terrified me.

I don’t really have a lot of faith in humanity, but watching things like this just make me really happy, and I thought that I should just share the video because it’s really important.

It’s really important that we don’t lose all our hope in humanity.



9 thoughts on “A Little Hope in Humanity

  1. I love it when my faith in humanity is restored. It makes living life that little bit more worthwhile. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this 🙂 Going to watch that video now.

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  2. Ash says:

    I agree with Em – that video was beautiful and it’s things like this that prove exactly why we shouldn’t give up on humanity just yet! There may be a whole lot of bad in the world but there’s also good and we shouldn’t let the good be overshadowed by all the terrible things because it still exists!

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