DO NOT Do This in 2017!!!!

So I started out the new year in a bad situation.

And not like a bad bad situation, but a mentally bad situation.

A school-wise bad situation.

I procrastinated.

In my AP class aka my college credit class.

Such a bad move on my part, I know.

We had this project that we were doing and, in summary, we were writing about a newspaper columnist who’s work we liked. So we had to read one of their columns and do an analysis paper on the column. We did 3 columns and then we had the columnist profile. The columnist profile is basically an essay, it was like a 3 page paper on our author’s writing style, their personality in their writing, and such. The week back from Christmas break we would have to turn in this profile.

So my teacher told my class to plan out the essay and work on it during Christmas break.

Which I did not do.

Because I mean it’s Christmas break. I just wanted to appreciate my break and relax.

Wrong choice.

I went back to school on Tuesday and the paper was due Friday.

Now my teacher is one for pushing back due dates, but of course, that little shred of hope was crushed due to the fact that this was an ESSAY.

So from Tuesday to Friday I was STRESSED.

Like stressed isn’t even the right word, I was dfksadklfdjfsldmcscvi.


I’ve never been this procrastinated in a while. Because I like being an organized person, anything but will make my anxiety worse and will stress me out to no length. So I like doing things on time, that way I won’t have to do them.

But I didn’t do that this time.

And it was a really bad decision… I don’t know how many times I have to say that it was a wrong choice, but it was.

I literally prayed to God that I would find the right words because, I kid you not, I stared at a blank page for an hour, and then another hour trying to write a 5 sentence paragraph. (It doesn’t help that this is the class I’m struggling in)

I stayed up late until 12 o’clock for one night creating some utter nonsense.

Guys, it was so bad that I didn’t even want to re-read it for errors or anything, it was all BS.

And then the morning of the due date, in my first period class I realized… I didn’t even put a freckin’ title on my essay!

Yes, I know I already got a bad grade on it, and it’s the most important grade in this specific class of this semester. And I’ve already been getting straight B’s on all the stuff that my teacher grades. I know, B’s aren’t really bad, but it’s a college course and I legit have no idea what’s going on half of the time (it’s bad).

So this is my advice to you:



It’s not going to help you. Mentally, physically, emotionally. It’ll just make you feel drained and helpless. I really don’t know how I made up 3 pages of crap but I somehow managed. But, the fact that I wrote the paper in time doesn’t mean procrastinating was fine. It was HELL. I didn’t get to do anything fun. As soon as I got home from school, it’s like I just walked back into school. I couldn’t blog. I couldn’t talk to my friends. I couldn’t watch my shows. I couldn’t do anything.

It was the worst decision I’ve made this year, but I think that there will be more on the way lol.

But it’s a new year, and I’ve learned my lesson. 

From one student to another, do not procrastinate.

Stop being lazy. (That’s a message to you AND myself lol)


4 thoughts on “DO NOT Do This in 2017!!!!

  1. DJ says:

    When I was in school (wow, I talk as if I’ve been out for a while — I graduated college LAST MONTH) I had a huge issue with procrastinating. I’ve done it my entire school life. I was really, really fast with my work, and I took advantage of that by waiting until the last minute to do everything. I made it through high school as Valedictorian but my first semester in college, I was taking a class where I had to read some old book about sociology and write 15 pages comparing it to the various perspectives we talked about throughout the semester.

    I didn’t start reading the book until the final week — I’m a fast reader. But that book was so incredibly hard to read, not to mention boring. I finally wrote the damned paper during the final 12 hours, and locked myself in my room the entire time, pouring over sloppy research notes and furiously typing the paper. I ended up making a 95 on the thing, but I can tell you I didn’t procrastinate like that again! Lol. Life is so much easier when we get things done ahead of time 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    • You just made me more scared about college… Lol I’m just kidding. Thanks for sharing! It made me want to stop procrastinating even more! (If that’s even possible) You said it! At least when we get it done in time, we can waste less time stressing and worrying

      Liked by 1 person

      • DJ says:

        I found college to be so much better though! TBH I don’t know how I lasted in high school 8am-3:30pm every day. Being able to choose your own schedule makes it all totally worth it. 👍👍

        Liked by 1 person

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