Who Do I Call?

When your car breaks down you can call an auto repair man.

When you feel sick you can call the doctor.

When you’re having homework problems you can call your teacher over for help.

When you want a laugh you can call your best friend.

When you feel like you’re in a dangerous situation you can call the police.

When you’re hungry you can call and order a pizza.

When your library book is almost overdue you can call the library to ask them to renew it.

When school lets out early you can call your parents to come pick you up.

When your pet is sick you can call the vet.

When you want a new hair-do you can call your barber.

When you’re ready to order you can call over the waiter.

When checking if your medication is ready you can call the pharmacy.

When you’re not sure if a store is open you can call and make sure.

When you want to plan a special evening you can call a restaurant and make a reservation.

When your body feels out of place you can call for a massage.

When your teeth are aching you can call the dentist.

When you have a big event and want memories you can call a photographer.

When you’re sick at home you can call the school to tell them.

When your arm is broken you can call the hospital.


Who do you call when you have a broken heart?



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